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Easter is even more important than Christmas. Why? Because EVERYONE has a birthday, but only Jesus has a resurrection day!

The Bible skims over the horror of what Jesus suffered on our behalf, because people in those days didn’t need any details about things like flogging and crucifixion; we should be grateful for this, because otherwise this event would be too gruesome for us to read about. The crucial point to remember is that Jesus knew the horror that awaited him, but he still went through it voluntarily so that we would be saved. Granted that we have a special day for thanksgiving, but I think that Easter is the day we should be the most thankful every year.

I don’t know what’s more extraordinary, that God gave His only son to die in agony for us, or that despite this infinite blessing He continues to give us additional blessings every day. My life has been full of blessings this year, as well as troubles, and I apologize to long-time readers who have been waiting patiently for me to start transcribing sermons again while these things take up all my time. Every time I get close to catching up, I’m hit with something else and get further behind. Please hang in there a little while longer; I’ve started catching up again, and I really hope to get some transcriptions done soon!

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