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And a REALLY belated Merry Christmas, too! I REALLY got sucked into the holiday season; I never even thought to post! It ended up going better than I had hoped or imagined, for the most part, and I hope yours did as well!! 🙂

2018 ended up being one of the best years of my life, even though NONE of my ongoing issues have been resolved or even made visible progress to resolution. The most important thing was the huge leap forward in my walk with God; my ability to see angels every day, the Holy Spirit on a regular basis, and even heaven, 4 times so far… and something that appears over my bed and around me when I sleep, forming a protective barrier between me and the unwelcome forces that are trying to get at me, and looks something like this:

I’ve seen this many times, and I’m betting that many people have something similar; maybe ALL of us do. God will go to extraordinary lengths to keep us safe!

I also, amongst countless other blessings in 2018, developed TWO new skills so suddenly and dramatically that only the Holy Spirit could have provided them… and think about it, when was the last time you gained an entirely new skill? I don’t mean learning a new recipe when you can already cook, or becoming better at something you’ve been doing for a long time, or figuring out your new cell phone, I mean a TOTALLY new skill, not connected to anything that you’ve done previously? Many people never develop any new skills once they finish whatever education or training they need for their job or career… 2 in one year is HUGE!!

Now we’re into 2019, and hopefully have all made some good resolutions… which hopefully, for all of us, includes daily Bible reading. There are many “Bible in a year” programs, and I highly recommend that you use one of those instead of trying to do random reading on your own and hoping that you make it through the whole Bible in a year; you will REALLY benefit from it. (If you haven’t started yet, don’t worry, you can always catch up, especially if you choose one of the Bible-LISTENING programs, which you can listen to in the car, or while doing housework, with no loss of time from your busy day.) MY intensive Bible study restarted on January 1; I plan to do this every year for the rest of my life.

Another important part of starting the new year is getting a word for that year; if you haven’t gotten one, or think you might have it but want confirmation, pray about it, and try going to some of the many websites that generate random Bible verses, and see if anything jumps out at you. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you get a word, I guess it could also be a phrase but typically it’s just one word, that tells you what the tone is going to be for you for the year. This year, I got a fantastic word: REST. I’ve been knocking myself out to try to square things away in my life for so long, but this year I’m going to just sit back, not stress or obligate myself unless it’s absolutely necessary, which it will rarely be, and let God handle things.

I had an incredibly powerful sign from the Holy Spirit as I was praying in the new year (by which I mean praying nonstop between 11:30 PM and 12:30 AM). I asked for not just a manifestation, but an intense indwelling, like I haven’t had in a while, as proof of the blessings, restoration, and answered prayers that would happen this year… especially the restoration x7 that I was promised 4 years ago, in a prophecy that I was given right on stage the first time I ever went to church. It was really a step of faith, because what if nothing had happened? I needn’t have worried, of course; as I was walking and praying, I suddenly got a feeling like my legs were wrapped in the lead, and I understood that I needed to get on my face, so I did… and I felt the incredible weight and pressure that often accompanies the Holy Spirit. I was down on the floor for 20-25 minutes; a couple of times I tried to raise my head and look around, but the weight on my head was so intense that I put it right back down again. This was INCREDIBLY powerful, and tells me that spectacular things are coming in 2019.

It’s common for people to make dramatic pronunciations of how the new year is going to be so great for EVERYONE; even big-time pastors are guilty of saying that, and/or for claiming a certain sort of blessing is going to be coming to everyone this year… but that’s RIDICULOUS, because there’s no such year thing as a year that’s great for EVERYONE, or when the EVERYONE receives a certain kind a blessing. 2019, like every other year, will be fantastic for some, horrible for others, and most people will fall somewhere in between. The important thing to remember is that God can give you an infinitely better year than you would’ve had without His help, and the way to be sure that you get the most and best blessings is to praise, thank, and pray, with all your heart, every single day!

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