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(No new sermon this week.)

May was a very interesting month for me, angel-wise. Here are several noteworthy angel events from the past month:

An angel wing over me as I slept:

I woke up, and behind my closed eyelids I saw a sparkling, diaphanous covering of white light, arching maybe 3-4 feet above me, that started out of my sight behind me, and continued on out of sight below the level of the bed on the far side, which is where I was facing. It covered the entire length of my body, vanishing past the edge of the foot of the bed. I don’t know if it was a lingering dream or a vision, but when I opened my eyes, it was there! I saw it for 2-3 seconds, long enough to see that there was a faint patterning that suggested feathers; what I felt in my spirit was that it was an angel’s wing that was over me. It was so powerful that it had penetrated into my sleeping brain, and woken me up after showing it to me as a dream image or a vision. I definitely got the idea that it was a covering, protection, something like a tent over me keeping me safe while I slept. (If you’re a new reader, and wondering safe from WHAT; I’m periodically plagued by demonic presences in my home)

A vision of an angel next to my bed:

In the vision, it was a darkened room that I believed to be my bedroom, with a darker shadow of my bed and a vague dark shape of me on it. Standing over me, inclining slightly down towards me, was a tall, VERY slender, glowingly-white angel. The shape indicated a simple white robe with no hint of the body under it, there were the shapes of folded-in wings at the shoulders and upper body, and tousled hair close to shoulder-length; I had the strong impression that this was a FEMALE angel. Interestingly, she had a thin, bright-gold halo, which I’ve never seen before, and certainly is not in the Bible anywhere, because it was invented by medieval artists to indicate angels and saints, which otherwise typically looked like regular humans. I had a moment of wondering if I should open my eyes, and if I did would I see this angel over me, or would opening my eyes just end the vision and give me nothing? In the end, I kept my eyes closed, and when the vision ended, I opened my eyes and didn’t see anything… But I have no doubt that she was THERE.

Spark angel against the blanket:

While I was getting into bed, a little white spark angel (some angelic appearances look just like sparks, so that’s what I call them) appeared on the blanket to the right of my right calf, even though I was still getting in and shifting the blankets around, and I actually saw him MOVE with the movement of the blanket, as if he was physically connected to it and so being lifted and shifted along with it. There is no doubt in my mind; not only was he real, but he was PHYSICALLY there in some way, not just a reflected or hallucinated spot of light that would NOT have moved along with the physical world. I had never even imagined such a thing, and if I WAS imagining that spark, I would expect it to remain in the imagined location regardless of what was moving around it, or just to vanish because of the movement.

I had no perception of weight on the blankets, so he had to have a physical connection in proportion to his apparent size, or maybe not really having weight is just part of how this works. It was like a minuscule firefly was there for just a couple of seconds. Of course I thanked him for being there. A minute or so later, I saw him maybe 3 feet above the bed, down more and to the left, and then in the few minutes after that, I saw him 2 other times, one time closer to the door, and the other time was to the left of the bed, towards the foot. It’s not uncommon for me to see these angelic sparks, either white or red, near me when I’m in bed, but this was the first time I saw one so many times at once, and the first time I saw this particular demonstration of physicality.

2 huge angels with wings in my prayer closet:

Two different times recently, when I’ve just gotten into bed, I’ve seen a HUGE white light form filling my prayer closet area, with the distinct impression of WINGS.

What is the meaning of all of this? I have no idea. I have no explanation for any of the individual occurrences, or why I’ve had this marvelous clump of unusual ones. As always, though, I’m EXTREMELY grateful that God keeps sending these angels to me, grateful for their presence, protection, and assistance. They come from God, so they can only be here for my benefit; that’s all I really need to know.

If you have had any recent experiences with angels, feel free to post them below. 🙂

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