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Proverbs 23:17 (NIV)
17 Do not let your heart envy sinners

It’s unfortunate that I need to say this, but apparently I do. Under NO circumstances does God bless sin. It doesn’t matter who the people are, or what the circumstances are, He does NOT bless sin; there are no exceptions to this… and that includes the people that YOU know.

If I had a dollar for every time that some confused, misguided person posted a comment on this blog complaining that their adulterous spouse or ex-spouse was being “blessed” in their relationship or new life with whatever equally-immoral new partner they had hooked up with, or that someone who had done large and deliberate harm was being “blessed” with the money or position that this had gotten them, I could retire TODAY.

We are NOT robots, with our every action dictated by God, and everything we get, positive or negative, coming only from God. We have free will, we use that to make choices and take actions, and those choices and actions bring us consequences, both positive and negative, with NO intervention from God. Yes, God CAN intervene if He wants to, and sometimes He does, but 99% of the time, whatever happens in your life is due to the choices that you have made with your free will, and the choices that those around you have made with THEIR free will. We should certainly err on the side of giving God the credit for good things that happen just in case He influenced them, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should we EVER blame the actions of evil people on God, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should we claim that God has BLESSED evil people in response to their evildoings. If you think that God is even CAPABLE of doing such a thing, you literally have no idea of Who God is, and you need to start reading your Bible and refreshing your memory.

Here’s an example: If a bank robber steals a bunch of money from a bank, and uses that money to live a wonderful lifestyle, has God BLESSED the bank robber with that lifestyle? NO! This is a simple case of cause and effect; this person took money, and money provides the lifestyle… God had no hand in it.

In the same way, if your spouse cheats on you, with or without also leaving you, and has a happy life with their adulterous partner, has God BLESSED them with that happiness? NO! When two people who want to be together get together, happiness is the natural result… at least at first… and God had nothing to do with it.

In a similar vein, just because something goes wrong in your life does NOT mean that you are being “punished.” If someone takes something from you, your spouse, the job you wanted, your best friend, whatever, that does NOT mean that God is punishing you, or blessing them;  it means that the taker used their free will and took something from you. God had nothing to do with it.

The saddest part about people who don’t understand all this is that, because they’re blaming God for things that He had nothing to do with, they are cutting off their own source of blessings! You can’t expect God to bless you when you’re blaming Him and spitting in His face. These people’s lives become steadily LESS blessed because of THEIR behavior, and then they blame God for THAT, too, and a terrible downward spiral results.

So, what should you do? The unfortunate reality is that evil behavior often brings rewards and pleasure; if it didn’t, nobody would bother to do anything evil. When someone in your life does something evil to you, you need to correctly identify that THEY are there source of the evil, that the benefits they are receiving are cause and effect with their evil actions, that any harm or suffering that you are enduring as a result is ALSO cause and effect from the evil actions, and that God had nothing to do with any of it. You need to stop focusing and dwelling on the great life the evildoers seem to be having, and yes I know how hard that can be, focus on your own life, and keep praising God and asking Him to bring both better people and better circumstances into your life… and because God controls the entire universe, He absolutely can and will bring you a better life than the people who harmed you currently seem to be enjoying. It may not be what you thought you wanted, or in the way you had expected, on your timetable, but it WILL happen!

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