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If there was a verse in the Bible describing men with WINGS who flew away carrying something, would you have any doubt whatsoever as to what they were? Of course not!! So there should be no reason for confusion HERE:

Zechariah 5:9 (AMP)
9 Then I looked up, and there were two women coming out with the wind in their wings; and they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heavens.

How can ANYONE read this and NOT see beyond a doubt that they were female angels? Because throughout history, the translators of scripture, and the analyzers of the Bible, have all been MEN, and all the authorities in all the churches were MEN, and they all had the powerful desire, need, and incentive for every supernatural being connected to God in the Bible be MALE, to justify the powerlessness of women that never appears in anything that Jesus said, but that they naturally wanted to be preserved in their homes and churches.

Even in the modern day, the commentaries either ignore this issue, or try to explain away away the obvious by saying:

“There are no female angels anywhere else in the Bible, so that means that these can’t be female angels either”… But everything in the Bible is true, even if it is only mentioned ONCE. Do we say that the still small voice does not exist, because it only appears in the Bible one time? That seraphim, whether they are a separate category of angel or just a different category of cherubim, don’t exist because they’re only mentioned in one place? Of course not!

“Storks were unclean animals, therefore these women must somehow be unclean or evil creatures”… Which is just plain silly, because it doesn’t say that the women had wings taken from actual storks, but more to the point, even if these women were actually demons, remember, all the demons were originally angels, and the only way for there to be female demons would be for there to be female angels.

“The giant scroll in verse 1 didn’t exist in real life, so these winged women didn’t either”… Come on now, the giant scroll is the LEAST surreal item in the numerous visions in the Bible, the least of things that don’t actually exist in the real world, so unless we disbelieve in all of those other things, we can’t disbelieve in this one either. Now, if there is a church or people who don’t believe that ANY of the things in the numerous visions in the Bible are real, such as seraphim, and therefore don’t believe in female angels for that reason, that would make sense, but you can’t pick and choose what does and does not exist from visions based on whether or not you like it, or if it’s convenient for your worldview.

“It doesn’t specifically SAY that these women with wings were angels, and therefore they can’t be”… Which is forgetting the countless places in the Bible where MALE angels, appearing withOUT wings, are referred to as “men,” and are just identified as angels based on their behavior. Either NOBODY is an angel unless specifically named as such, and taking supernatural actions and/or having wings and flying away is an indication of something totally unknown, or else any human-looking being that has supernatural abilities, including flying away with wings, is an angel. There is absolutely no basis for making different rules for males and females.

So there it is. The Bible as originally written is divinely inspired; translations, interpretations, and irrational male bias are not. The Bible describes female angels, therefore there ARE female angels. We don’t know how many or what %, but they exist… Although I still doubt that they have any resemblance to Roma Downey.

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Blessed New Year 2018!

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