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Healing words

from JO’s sermon tonight:

our words have the power to lift people up, help them get through a challenge, push them into their destinies. when you tell someone, “I love you, I’m proud of you, you did great on that project,” you’re not just being kind; those are healing words. we don’t know what people are going through; they may smile on the outside, but on the inside they’re hurting, lonely, discouraged. many people have wounds from the past; a relationship that didn’t work out, people trying to push them down. just a simple word of encouragement, “I believe in you, I’m praying for you,” a simple compliment, “you look beautiful today,” it’s no big deal to you, but to them, it’s helping heal the wounds, lifting their spirits, causing them to believe in themselves. your words can be what keeps them moving forward.

God puts people in our lives on purpose so we can bring healing. the security guard at the office, don’t just pass by him every day for the next twenty years, take a moment to bless him with your words. you don’t have to spend ten minutes, just a simple, “great to see you today, I appreciate you taking care of us.” you just spoke a blessing over his life.

letting people know that you care does more than you imagine. we live in a society that’s filled with alot of negative chatter. on the internet, social media, it’s becoming normal to be disrespectful. people think nothing of being condescending, saying hurtful, critical things. more than ever, people need your healing words. you have the power to put someone on their feet, keep them from falling into depression, cause them to pursue their dreams. but without your blessing, encouragement, compliments, they won’t become what they should become. don’t miss these opportunities. don’t be too caught up in your career, challenges; take time to be a healer, a lifter.

God needs you; He has no voice to encourage on this earth except your voice. He’s counting on you to help heal the people in your life. when you go out of your way to bless one of His children, make it your business to encourage the coworker that’s down, stop by to see the friend that’s not feeling well, call your relatives just to say that you love them, because you’re taken care of His children, God will make sure somebody is always there to take care of you, to bring healing, encouragement, to show you favor. those are seeds that you’re sowing.

take a look around at who’s in your life: the clerk at the grocery store, the attendant at the gas station, the friend at the gym. they’re not there by accident. they need what you have: encouragement, affirmation, they need to know that you believe in them. don’t keep the healing to yourself. be free me with your compliments. a blessing is not a blessing until it’s spoken. your thoughts don’t bless anybody. you can think well of your friend all day long, but if you never tell them, they’ll never know.

no matter how many times you’ve complimented a person, when that thought comes up, tell them again. that’s God bringing it up. you don’t know what they’re going through, the battles they’re fighting, the people trying to push them down. God wouldn’t have brought it up if He didn’t want you to tell them. these days, it’s easier than ever; if they’re not there in person, you can send them a text. the scripture says:

Proverbs 15:4 (AMPC)
4 A gentle tongue [with its healing power] is a tree of life

when we think of healing, many times we think of praying for people for healing, and yes that’s one way; what I want us to see is your words have healing. when you’re kind, encouraging, when you don’t just think something good, but you verbalize it, you’re being a healer. it’s amazing what one kind word can do. we don’t think anything about it, but to the other person, it breathes life into their spirit. God wouldn’t have given you that compliment, put that thought in you, if the other person didn’t need it. you may not know them, it may not make sense to you, but God knows what He’s doing. there’s a reason; they need your healing.

if you saw someone that was sick, and you had the cure, the medicine that would cause them to get well, you would be quick to get it to them. that’s the way you need to see your compliments, kind words, encouragement; it’s the healing that people need. don’t withhold it, try to reason it out; you’re looking on the outside, you don’t know what’s happening on the inside. everyone is going through something. even the people that look like they have it all together, that are so happy, blessed, strong, they don’t have it all together; there’s always something that they’re dealing with.

we don’t understand the power of a simple compliment, of, “I believe in you, you’re going to make it, great things are in store.” your words may seem ordinary to you, but when God breathes on them, they become extraordinary to the other person. somebody today needs your healing words, won’t get past the depression without you speaking blessings over them, will give up on a dream, get talked out of God’s best, unless you step up and encourage them. will you be a healer, use your words to lift people? Proverbs 18 says:

Proverbs 18:4 (NLT)
A person’s words can be life-giving water

people are thirsty; they’ve gone through heartaches, been beaten down. we have something to offer them; our words can help heal the hurts. be aware of who’s in your life. be sensitive to what you’re feeling down in here. take time to let people know that you care. nobody is in your life by accident. don’t ignore what you feel on the inside; that compassion to encourage them, desire to be their friend. they’re thirsty; you have the water. take time to make them feel loved; it doesn’t have to be something big, just, “good to see you. I believe in you. I’m praying for you.” just let them know that you care.

we’re so busy these days, we’ve got our own challenges; if we’re not careful, we’ll pass right by the thirsty people. there’s no greater feeling than to give them water. nothing is more rewarding than to help someone else rise higher.

when we come to the end of life, we can be known for a lot of things: we were successful in our career, she was talented, they lived in a nice place. it’s all good, but I’d rather people say about me, “s/he was a healer, lifted me when I was down, encouraged me when I felt stuck, told me I could accomplish dreams that I never thought I could accomplish.” where are the healers, lifters? there are enough people saying negative, critical, judgment words; our attitude should be, “who can I bless today, help heal, make feel better about themselves?”

why don’t you start with you own family? how long has it been since you’ve told the people in your life, “I love you, I’m glad you’re mine”? don’t let a stranger compliment your spouse more than you do. don’t let a coach, teacher, friend, make your children feel more special than you do. every day, bless your children with your words; tell them how proud you are of them, what they can become, call out their seeds of greatness, remind them that they’re made in the image of Almighty God, full of potential, supposed to go farther than you, the anointing is increasing with each generation. they have so much to deal with these days: social chatter, bullying, hurtful words. but when you tell your child, “I love you. I’m blessed to have you,” that’s not only helping to heal the wounds, but that’s protecting them; that’s what causes those hurtful words to bounce off of them. the more people speak negative over you, your family, friends, the more you need to speak these positive, faith-filled, healing words.

when you compliment someone in front of people, it carries more weight, it’s magnified. yes, there are times you need to do it in private, but when you can, speak a blessing in public. some people don’t have any problem saying negative things in front of people; why don’t you spread some good things about the people you love? use your words to help push them into their destinies, encourage them to pursue their dreams, let them know that you believe in them. many times, you can see things in people that they can’t see in themselves; your blessing, encouragement, can be what causes them to step up to who they were created to be.

your destiny is connected to the people God’s put in your life. if you’re going to reach your full potential, this is not an option; look around, who can you bless, help heal, show favor to? “as soon as my husband starts doing what I want him to do, then I’ll start encouraging, complimenting him.” here’s the key; if you’ll quit nagging him for what he’s doing wrong, and start praising him for what he’s doing right, then he’ll begin to change. people respond to praise, not criticism, being nagged, berated. the scripture even says:

Proverbs 21:19 (NIV)
19 Better to live in a desert
than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife

or a nagging husband, friend, neighbor. don’t be a nagger; nobody wants to be around somebody that’s always harping on them, pointing out what’s wrong, finding fault. we should be so full of encouragement, compliments, that people want to be around us. ladies, instead of nagging your husband, try a different approach; when you see him out there mowing the grass, tell him how strong he is, how muscular he looks. you brag on him like that, he’ll mow the lawn every day. praise, encouragement, honor; that’s what people respond to.

everyone needs encouragement, somebody that is cheering them on, sees the best. you can be that person for the people in your life, the one they count on, doesn’t find fault, has healing words that uplift, encourage. if there are no compliments in your home, no praise, encouragement, if it’s all nagging, “why don’t you do better?” that other person is not going to want to come home. you can change the atmosphere, bring healing to a relationship; it starts with your words. by blessing your spouse, children, complimenting them, “I love you, I’m proud of you, glad you’re in my life.” compliments are the glue that hold a relationship together. they have enough people already pushing them down. the accuser’s already telling them everything they’re not. why don’t you use your words to build them up, tell them what they can become, make him feel better about themselves? one compliment can have an impact for a lifetime. don’t withhold your blessing, encouragement, compliments; that can be what causes them to step up to who they were created to be,

there are people in your life right now that need your healing, blessing, encouragement. they’re thirsty; you have life-giving water. you can be the one that reminds them that they’re beautiful, and the chains of depression will be broken. look around this week; live with the attitude, “who can I bless, help heal, push into their destiny?” if you’ll develop this habit of speaking healing words, you’re not only going to help others rise higher, but those seeds are going to come back to you; God is going to cause you to rise higher, so you can accomplish dreams, overcome obstacles, and become everything God created you to be.

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