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(No new sermon this week.)

God gives people visions; the Bible shows that beyond question. However, visions also come from brain tumors, other brain ailments, eye diseases, and mental illness… including of course insanity. They can also be brought on by a variety of substances, medicinal and otherwise, but I’m not using, nor have I ever used, any such substances… and it is MY visions that are the subject of this post.

Yes, amazing as it may seem, in addition to seeing angels, demons, and the Holy Spirit, I have also started having visions. The medical reasons for visions come with other symptoms, none of which I’ve had. I’m having no difficulty determining the difference between visions and reality. I only see visions with my eyes closed; they do not overlap or replace the physical world. In addition, the visions have, at least for now, a darkness and dimness that I never perceive either with the real world or in my dreams.

And much to my relief, I have received some outside verification for seeing angels, at least; at the recent meeting of my prayer group, I saw 2 angels, and asked the older lady there who frequently sees things if she had seen anything… and I did NOT tell her what I saw or where I saw it, but she was immediately able to point out the 2 places were I had seen angelic manifestations. She had not seen them this time, but she had felt them while she was praying with her eyes closed, and when she opened her eyes, those were the 2 spots that she was drawn to look at.

So, at least for the time being, we’ll assume that I’m healthy and sane. Assuming that I am, it’s pretty undeniable at this point that the supernatural is breaking out in my life at an increasing rate… to what final destination, I cannot yet discern.

What am I seeing? So far, they have all been religious in nature; all except 2 have featured the cross, and some of them feature angels, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and even “God rays,” the individual beams of light that sometimes happen when light passes through clouds or trees. The one exception had a religious meaning for ME; I saw a treasure chest, like I did in a dream I posted about a couple of years ago when the chest was said to contain the treasure of the Holy Spirit… whatever THAT’S supposed to mean. Interestingly, in that dream, the chest was CLOSED, and in the vision, the chest was OPEN, and piled with treasure… That sounds like progress, right?

In the most powerful vision so far, I saw Jesus on the cross. I saw him tilt his head back and possibly cry out… There is no sound with the visions yet, so I can’t tell for sure. I saw the cross lowered down to the ground, and then he was gone from it. I also saw a crowd of people in the garb of biblical times, and I could tell that they were speaking, not that I would have understood them even if I could have heard them, assuming that they were speaking in Greek or Hebrew, and waving their hands. I know that I did not see EXACTLY what happened at Jesus’ crucifixion, because I did not see the other 2 crosses of the criminals who were crucified on either side of him, but it was nevertheless a very powerful thing to see… But WHY did I see it? What am I supposed to do with what I saw?

Somehow, these experiences are eventually going to serve the church and bring glory to God. I don’t know HOW, yet, though; please pray for me, that I will be able to discern what I should be doing towards these goals very soon.

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