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(No new sermon this week.)

If you’re not familiar with the term, shekinah glory is the presence or indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The term is especially used when God appears as a cloud, as He does a variety of times in the Old Testament.

I was walking and praying, as I do every day, and as I was doing when I saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, and a bunch of times when I have seen angels as well. In an upper corner of my front room, I saw something that looked like about a 3’ high area of glowing white fog… it really was like a dense fog, because the pole lamp that was in the middle of it was fully visible in some spots, partially obscured in some spots, but totally obscured for the most part, like seeing something through a dense fog. It wasn’t blindingly bright, but I saw afterimages for a long time afterwards, as if I had looked into really bright light… and of course, God could easily give me the ability to look into light that bright without being blinded. I only saw it for a few seconds… but they were the most powerful few seconds of my life. I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t feel anything at the time other than a little bit stunned… but what I saw was huge beyond my ability to describe it.

How did I know that this was the shekinah glory, and not something else, or even just a hallucination of my hyper-religious brain? When I walked into the bathroom an hour or so later, my face was tomato-red, as if it was badly sunburned. JUST my face, not my neck or any other exposed area of skin. I did not feel any heat, I was not sick or having a fever, not that even the worst fever of my life has ever done anything like THAT, no unusual physical sensations, and the room was 65°F. My skin did not hurt in the slightest when I pressed it, and interestingly, unlike with a sunburn, the area that I pressed did not turn white for a moment after I pressed it… this was more than skin deep.

In the time it took me to use the restroom, most of the redness faded away, and most of the rest faded away soon after that… as if I was meant to see it, and once I had, it was made or allowed to go away. Later in the day, my face had a little extra pink in it, as if I’d had just a hair too much sun but wasn’t really burned. This was a lingering PHYSICAL effect, the sort of proof everyone wishes to get but so rarely actually happens.

I have no idea why this occurred, much less in this way or this time… but I don’t have to tell you how incredibly powerful it was. If you’re here reading this, you’re probably someone who wishes that this would happen to you; *I* would certainly have felt that way before I personally experienced it. I wish I had a formula to give you so that you could… heck, I wish I had the formula so that *I* could experience it again… but I don’t. I can tell you, if you’re new here and don’t know, that I am deeply involved with my church, am a member of the prayer ministry, I pray all day long, and spend hours a week in intensive prayer and Bible study. I think these things make me more likely to have the sorts of experiences I have started having, but of course some people have stuff happen to them just out of the clear blue sky. It may be happening to me because in my church we have been praying for the supernatural to break out for a long time, and this is the leading edge of it… but why *I* was chosen to be the forerunner is anyone’s guess.

Somehow, these experiences are eventually going to serve the church and bring glory to God. I don’t know HOW, yet, though; please pray for me, that I will be able to discern what I should be doing towards these goals very soon.

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