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(No new sermon this week.)

More proof, should any be necessary, that God wants you to pray about EVERYTHING that you want: There was a small, inexpensive item that I wanted that was only available on one website, but their shipping cost was ridiculous, and made the purchase not worthwhile. I prayed for a free shipping offer, although this site rarely offers free shipping, and a couple of days later, I checked, and there it was; I got my item with no shipping charge… and it turned out that this free shipping offer was just for that ONE day.

During that same couple of days, I had found some stuff I wanted on another website, likewise with ridiculous shipping, and I prayed the same prayer. Because I had items in my cart, the website bombarded me with various different offers for REDUCED shipping, but that was not what I had prayed for, so I ignored them… And then, just 2 days after the previous one, a free shipping offer arrived in my inbox for the second website, good for just a couple of days, and I made another purchase without a shipping charge.

NOTHING is too big or too small for God to care about, or answer prayers about. Ask Him for everything you want, big or small, with total faith that He can give it to you, and WANTS to give it to you… you’ll be amazed at how many blessings He’ll give you.

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