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God wants us to bless us in all things, large, small, and in between. Here are some recent examples from my own life:

I have 2 old and dear friends who are awesome ladies, but total failures at answering their phones or returning messages; we have somewhat sporadic contact via various online avenues, but that is not the same as a phone conversation. One of them I had not spoken to by phone for 6 months, and for the other one it had been a year. I started praying that they would call me… and they both did… only 2 days apart!! It wasn’t anybody’s birthday, nor had anything happened in any of our lives to be the reason for these calls; GOD was the reason.

Because I need more of a social life outside of church (I’ve learned the hard way not to put all my social eggs in one basket), I asked God to bring me some new friends not associated with church. Since I never go anywhere where I might meet, much less get to know, people outside of church, in the natural that seemed impossible, but my prayers included complete confidence that God would find a way… And of course He did. One of my neighbors (none of whom I know) received a package that was addressed to me. Instead of just looking around, spotting my address, and leaving it on my front stoop, she looked up the sending company from the return address, called them, and they told her to just keep the package, and they would send me another one. After all that trouble to avoid just finding my address and bringing it over, and with no remaining moral or ethical need to do so, this neighbor, who describes herself as being socially shy and dysfunctional mind you, suddenly decided to bring the package to me anyways, and thus appeared at my door a very nice lady who is my exact same age, and with whom, it turns out, I have a bunch of things in common… And she is home all day like I am, too. We are already arranging to get together and watch Netflix.

God is AMAZING!! 🙂

God is eager to fulfill the desires of YOUR heart, too. Focus your life on Him, church, Bible study, prayer, and living your life the way He wants us to live, and then ask Him for what you want during your prayer time, with total confidence in His ability to do it, and total expectation that He WILL do it. The results will amaze you.

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