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Praise God!!

My previous best day had been 3 months ago, with 891 hits. Starting early in the day yesterday, I felt certain that I was going to have a top day, because the level of hits was well above where it usually was at that time. As the day progressed, not only was I certain that I would have a new best day, but I became certain that I would beat 1000 hits… which I did well before the end of the day, with 1083 total. Not bad for a blog that got 76 hits in the entire first YEAR!!

Because WordPress unfortunately does not show the source of many of the hits, I can’t be sure what I owe this upsurge to. Because Google alone accounted for about 700 of those hits, more hits than I normally get total in a day, which currently is usually 500-600, my best guess is that either Google just bumped me up in the search listings, or they are resorting their results, which often leads to some websites having atypical rankings for a while. Either way, I’ll take it!!

Thank you to everyone whose links to me on Facebook and Pinterest added to the total, and welcome to any new readers that just arrived!!

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