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The short answer is: like a person of God, of course.

What does that mean? First and foremost, that you do not blame, accuse, complain about, argue with, or get angry at, God. EVER. God always knows, and does, whatever is the best and right thing to do, whether it looks that way to you or not; think about all the times that God didn’t give you what you wanted, and later on He gave you something BETTER, and/or you found out that the thing you wanted would have been a disaster for you if you had gotten it, either directly, or by preventing you from receiving some other blessing. You also have to remember, He is the God of everyone on Earth, not just of you, and He takes everybody into account when he makes His decisions; somebody else might have needed the thing you wanted more than you did, or been a better fit for that situation… or, the way things worked out may have been one part of a complex plan whose resolution you’ll probably never see.

The next thing you have to do is resist the urge to keep asking WHY. No matter how many times you ask, you’re not going to know the reason, and if you DID know the reason, it wouldn’t change anything, and probably wouldn’t make you feel any better… do you REALLY want to find out why you didn’t get picked for something? Is your ego up for that?

What SHOULD you do? As with any negative circumstance, the most important thing is for you to stay in faith. If your faith wavers from a disappointment, then it’s not real faith. Look at this as an opportunity to increase and strengthen your faith, which will benefit you in countless ways later on.

Focus on what you can learn from your situation. Do you need to take some classes to gain skills that are more desirable to employers? Do you need to get in better shape to be more attractive to the people you want to go out with? Do you have to become a better listener, or more compassionate, in order to have more and better friends?

This will not only be useful to you now, but you will be able to use what you’ve learned in the future to assist and encourage people who are going through a similar experience. Keep your eyes open for those people; God will send them your way, and you have to be ready to get out of your comfort zone and share your own failures and disappointments, and how you overcame them, so that they will feel better and learn how to deal with theirs.

Try to find ways that you can create something good from the disappointment. This won’t always be possible, of course, but if you have free time now that you would not have had if things had gone the way you wanted, find something really awesome to do with that time, like working for a charity, visiting lonely elderly people in a seniors home, etc.

As with any other situation, you want to keep thanking and praising God throughout the time that you’re dealing with disappointment. Remember the countless other things that He has done for you, and the infinite ways that He is awesome, and bring those things up in your prayer time every day… you ARE praying every day, right? God does not respond to people who are sulking, whining, or complaining; God responds to a positive attitude, thanks, praise, and faith. Use your disappointing situation to demonstrate to God how devoted you are to Him, and how sure you are that He is going to bring you into your promised land; I can tell you from extensive personal experience that when you do this, God will reward your radical faith and radical obedience with radical blessings.

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