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That sounds silly, doesn’t it? Let’s think it through, though: The Bible makes clear throughout the New Testament that demons, what we would be more likely to refer to in the modern era as evil spirits, exist; Jesus cast them out many times… out of PEOPLE.  We know that demons can exist inside of animals, too, because Jesus allowed, or perhaps assisted, demons to go into a herd of pigs:

Luke 8:32-33 (NIV)

32 A large herd of pigs was feeding there on the hillside. The demons begged Jesus to let them go into the pigs, and he gave them permission. 33 When the demons came out of the man, they went into the pigs

There is no mention in the Bible about whether or not evil spirits can afflict physical objects. We have to be VERY careful about believing anything in the spiritual realm that is not specifically discussed in the scripture, because it’s all too easy to embroider our beliefs with nonsense that has the power to lead us in the wrong direction. Sometimes, you have to wait until you or someone you trust completely experiences something that indicates what the answer is. Before today, I would have been unable to give a definitive answer to the demons question, because I had nothing to go by. As you’ve probably already guessed, that has changed:

When I got home from prayer meeting and started trying to use the computer, it started a non-stop freak out, with the screen going black and/or to snow, and all the applications freezing up; I couldn’t even get the quit box to come up to see if I could quit out of something and fix the mess.  For most of the time this was going on, nothing was showing as red (locked up) on the activity monitor, and when something DID show as red and I was eventually able to quit out of it (because the activity monitor was also locked up), it didn’t change anything.  This disaster did not pause, it was not sporadic, it did not slow down or taper off; it was going full-tilt for over 20 minutes.  Desperate to not have to restart the computer, which would mean closing my transcription file and thus having to redo the transcription, and because I know from prior experience that demons DO still exist in the modern day, and CAN be cast out, at least from people, I took a leap of faith and said, “Any spirits that are afflicting my computer or electronic equipment, I cast you out, in Jesus name”… and then it STOPPED!!  Not slowed down, not tapered off, not paused, STOPPED, INSTANTLY, and did not begin again.


I’m a believer and not a doubter, but I sat there holding my breath for a couple of minutes before I fully accepted that this had really worked.

In my mind, this is solid proof that evil spirits CAN exist in physical objects… or at least SOME physical objects, perhaps only those with electricity running through them… and they can be cast out of objects in the same way they are out of people. 

How does that translate into day-to-day life? I don’t know. Electronic devices are subject to all sort of problems, the vast majority of which, I assume, are not demonic in nature, so most of the time if we try to cast out demons, we are not going to see an effect.  It’s also possible that demons might expand an existing problem, or set a problem into motion and then depart to wreak havoc elsewhere, in which case trying to cast them out might have only a partial effect, or none. On the other hand, there’s certainly no harm in trying, so the next time your computer, phone, whatever, starts going crazy in 10 ways at once, give it a shot… and let me know how it turns out.


Edit 4-8:  The fairly new battery of my car had died.  I have a charger for car batteries, also fairly new, and that had been verified to work previously;  it did not charge the battery. We tested it on someone else’s vehicle, and it appeared to be working. He thought that maybe the battery had run dry, but we checked it, and it still had plenty of water. At this point, I was told that I need a new battery, which is not cheap. As what I believe is called a Hail Mary pass in football, in other words something highly unlikely to succeed but you do it anyways and pray, he offered to let me use HIS charger on the battery to see if it would work.  When it had been on long enough, he went to retrieve his charger, and took the key with him so that he could see if it would start. He was not hopeful about it. Before he got the key in the ignition, I cast out any demons that might be infesting the car or any part thereof in Jesus name. For good measure, I asked the Holy Spirit to fill the battery and the car, and asked God to make it start. 

It did!!!!!!!!!

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