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(No new sermon again this week, but there WILL be one for next week.)

As one might reasonably expect, part of taking a healing class within the church requires the student to do some healings, and that is the latest thing that I have been doing. I should make clear that it is the Holy Spirit who does the healing, not me or any other human being, and that ANY believer can ask the Holy Spirit to come and heal someone, whether or not you have taken a class; Jesus says multiple times in the New Testament that we would be able to do everything he had done, and the center of his ministry was healing.  

The difference between what we do in my class and what most people do, which is just praying for people to get better, may seem small, but it clearly makes all the difference in the world; instead of praying in general that God will heal someone, what we do is pray for the Holy Spirit to come RIGHT NOW and heal the person we are currently laying hands on.  This may sound far-out to some of you, but we serve a far-out God; it WORKS. 

Before I started doing this myself, I saw some impressive healings take place, and I don’t just mean situations where people had pain and might have psyched themselves out of the pain, but the medically-verified restoration of sight and hearing as well.  And now, I myself have been able to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and see people that I was praying for receive healing.

Here’s the really freaky part; remember how I reported a spiritual attack a few weeks ago, and God showed me how to eject an afflicting spirit in the name of Jesus?  There was an even better reason for that than I realized at the time;  each of the people I have prayed for so far has also had an afflicting spirit (this can be identified by the pain moving within the body and/or getting WORSE when it is prayed for, and is often the problem when the Holy Spirit is clearly present but the pain is not getting better as well). No one was more surprised than me, believe me.  What I’ve personally witnessed, both with myself and with them, is that the afflicting spirits DO leave when they are ordered to in Jesus’ name, and whatever suffering they were causing goes with them.

To many of you, especially those who attend conservative churches, I’m well aware that this will sound vaguely insane; if I had not personally experienced these things, and had read about them on a blog, I would’ve rolled my eyes and shaken my head, I freely admit it.  These sorts of miracles can seem like something from Biblical times only, but nowhere in the scripture does it say that the miracles were ever going to end, and in fact the miracles have NOT ended, it’s just that we have ceased to expect them, and God meets us at the level of our expectation. 

I know that discussing this sort of thing might drive some people off, but when God asked me to start this blog over half a decade ago, it was with the intention that I would give readers a clear and accurate picture of my spiritual experiences, so that people who were looking for information about God would know what was out there, so that people who have experienced similar things would know that they were not alone, and so that people who were yearning for more would see that the more was there waiting for them.  I’m not just preaching to the converted here; I’m pushing out of my comfort zone, and doing my best to push YOU out of YOUR comfort zone, so that we can all see that there is more to believing in God than sitting in church for an hour every Sunday, saying a few prayers, reading a few scriptures, and feeling like we’ve got all the bases covered. Jesus did not sit around just doing those things, he was a man of ACTION, and as Christians we need to be people of action as well.

I’m not for a minute suggesting that you give up church, although if your total church experience is actually just that one hour per week, I respectfully suggest that you find a more impassioned church with prayer meetings and such, a church that will keep you involved with God throughout the week, not just on Sundays.  If there is a church in your area that is healing people, check it out. If not, there is nothing stopping you from pursuing it on your own. I’m not trying to put money in anyone’s pocket, so I won’t recommend any specific resources, but if you do a search on Google, you can easily discover the names of the people who are best known in the Christian world for healing, and if you go on YouTube there are many videos of these people talking about healing and even performing healings so you can see how it works.  These people have also written books, which you can find on Amazon, and possibly in your local bookstore as well.  If anyone is seriously interested in this, and seriously stuck for how to get started, leave me a comment saying so and I’ll give you some more concrete information; I’m not trying to make it hard for you, I’m just trying to avoid the appearance of promoting any specific people, products, or methods. 

It is utterly astounding how much my life has improved in the past half-year; the most astounding part is, my life continues to increase and expand, rather than plateauing like you’d expect it to have done by now.  This healing thing, and my official entrance into ministry that it represents, will be the biggest thing EVER… but I guarantee you, God is not done yet. It was prophesied over me that I would have restoration × 7 this year, and as mind-blowing as my current life is, by the end of the year what I have right now will look like a foundation, not the high point that it currently is. Stay tuned!!

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