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Spiritual attack

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In the very early AM of 6-25, as you might’ve guessed from the title of this post, I experienced a spiritual attack. It sounds so bizarre to say that; I’d certainly heard people talking about it, both in my church and on a Christian forum, but any descriptions I had ever heard always sounded like someone just having the sort of bad time that everybody has periodically in their lives, and dramatizing it by calling a spiritual attack, not like something that could actually happen because there were actually spirits or demons of some sort that exist and act on humans.

Yes, the Bible talks about Jesus casting spirits and demons out of people, which is excellent evidence for them being real, but it’s one of those things that modern churches pretty much ignore, which I think leads to most people, myself certainly included, believing that this was something that was real in Biblical times but no longer exists. The thing is, most people and churches believe exactly that about speaking in tongues, and I discovered that that was a real thing when I suddenly started doing it myself at a prayer meeting, so I SHOULD have at least started giving some credence to the idea of spiritual attacks, on the grounds that if one thing clearly described in the Bible but denied by modern churches was real, so might another such thing… but I didn’t.

You know that saying about how the best trick the devil ever pulled was to convince us that he doesn’t exist? You can’t fight against something, or more to the point you DON’T fight against something, if you don’t believe it exists. I think the same thing may go for these spirits. Certainly, if I had believed that they existed, they couldn’t have gotten to me as badly as they did… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s what happened:

I was slogging through some homework, and negative thoughts started creeping in. They started out small, stuff like who in my church might not like me, or might not have faith in my ability to do things, and then how this might lead to my not being ALLOWED to do things, realizations that there are things going on in the church that I’m not privy to or included in, which is 100% appropriate since there are people that have been there for many years and I’ve only been there for 6 months, certainly, but it was tying into my previous understanding that, unlike in some churches where they’re begging for volunteers to do things, my church has an embarrassment of riches in that area, meaning that there were no openings for a new person to step into, and if anything new did come up the pastors would naturally default to the people they had already worked with for years… you see, how it started with what one might call unfortunate facts, in other words facts that were not to my benefit, that would tend to work against my accomplishing anything within this church, and then started connecting the dots and building from there? And boy howdy, did it BUILD; 3 hours later, 3 hours of nonstop, relentless expansion, my mind was full of thoughts about how one of the pastors hated me, and would prevent me from ever doing anything, and so I needed to leave the church and find one where I could participate in ministry!! I kid you not. It sounds crazy, but I think everyone has experienced times when your mind focuses on some trivial things for long enough that they build up into catastrophes. I would have assumed, once my head cleared, that that was all this was, BUT:

Something somehow in the back of my mind understood that there was more to it than just that. I found myself saying, for the first time ever when thoughts or circumstances had upset me, “Father, whatever this is, please take it from me!!” I paused, to see what was going to happen, and something totally unexpected did; from out of my mouth, with no premeditation whatsoever on my part, came the following:

“Spirit of oppression, in Jesus’ name, I CAST YOU OUT!!”

INSTANTLY, I felt that heavy mass of misery drop off of me; not just vanish, but it felt like it dropped DOWN and off of me.


I know it sounds crazy, believe me I do, but those are the simple facts. It wasn’t until AFTER this happened that I belatedly realized that I must have been undergoing a spiritual attack, literally not until AFTER I drove the spirit out. Where did I get that line from, how did I know what to say? All I can conclude is that when I asked God for help, He gave it to me; He put the “magic line” into my mind and prompted me to use it. He could have removed the spirit Himself, obviously, but if He had, I would not have understood what had happened to me, and more to the point, I would not have understood that I could handle it myself, much less HOW to handle it. As always, God did the best possible thing; He taught me how to take care of myself.

Later that day, I described what I had experienced to the most spiritually mature person in my church; she immediately identified it as a spiritual attack.

The pastor that the spirit had been trying to convince me hated me, who I saw that evening, was unusually friendly, and even threw out, apropos of nothing, an extravagant group compliment to me and 2 other women, and we were just standing around talking, and hadn’t done anything praiseworthy that day. I’m guessing that God prompted this odd display in order to demonstrate that what the spirit had said to me was a lie… which agrees with what the spiritually mature person I had spoken to said, that everything that any such spirit would say to me would always be a lie, that revelations of the truth would only come from God.

And a final interesting tidbit: All of this happened BEFORE I reached the point in my reading where, it turns out, afflicting spirits are discussed. It’s as if the spirits realized that I was just about to learn about them, and wanted to be sure they got at me while I was still at my most vulnerable. Well, they got me alright, but as I always say, evil is at its base stupid; their best strategy would’ve been to NOT push me to the point where I turned to God for help, which would have allowed them to potentially plague me a bunch more times, because it could’ve taken a while for me to make the connection between what I had read and what I was experiencing. Instead, they overplayed their hand, and now, although they will very likely TRY to do this to me again, they will not succeed a second time.

If various people in my church are to be believed, there are many other kinds of spiritual attacks that could occur; time will tell. Whatever it might be, this time I’ll be ready for them.

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