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I spoke in tongues at prayer meeting again. It looks like this is going to be pretty much an every-time thing… pretty amazing for something that I didn’t even know if it was real or not 4 months ago. It is continuing to increase in power; this time, there were SEVERAL points where I was left breathless because it was coming out nonstop and was I guess making me forget to breathe. Interestingly, although I was doing the same casually-paced walking around that I had the previous times, this time I felt a sort of weariness or soreness in my muscles, as if I had been doing some kind of a physical workout. I also noticed something that I’d sort of noticed last time but had discounted; that for half an hour or more after speaking in tongues, my normal speech was significantly speeded up, as if I was speaking with great excitement although I was just speaking casually.

Later on at home, I did something that I have never attempted before; as you’ve guessed from the title of this post, for the first time I spoke in tongues at home, by myself. I wasn’t positive that it would work, but it did, and I even recorded myself for about 30 seconds so I could listen to it at a time when it wasn’t going on to see if I could make anything out of it; it pretty much just sounds like fast gibberish, but it was worth a shot. The amazing thing was how FAST it was coming out; I mean, I knew it was fast, but this is SO fast that when I listen to it sounds like something that is being fast-forwarded through, not like something that human speech would be capable of producing.

Afterwords, I felt very exhausted and kind of… I want to say headachy, but that wasn’t exactly the feeling. I should add that I had been pretty sick Sunday night, had not fully recovered from that, and was short on sleep, so I can’t be sure which thing or combination of things was to blame, but what is clear is that this isn’t just my vocal apparatus that’s being involved when I’m speaking in tongues, but that it is more of a full-body experience. I don’t know if it is that way for anybody else; I’m weird in a lot of ways, and if this was something unique to me, or at least very unusual, that would not surprise me much. I certainly haven’t heard anybody talking about anything like this. I felt so tired, with so much heavy, uncomfortable, almost painful feelings in my head, that I ended up going to bed and sleeping for well over 3 hours.

I should say at this point that I am NOT complaining about any of this. If some version of this ‘aftereffect” is going to happen on a regular basis, so be it. I said to God what I have said in the past when I have felt, I guess you could call it overwhelmed, by interaction with Him; push it ’til it breaks. Whatever needs to happen for my mind to expand, or become more flexible, or whatever it is He needs to happen for me to have that connection with Him, and accomplish whatever He wants me to accomplish, that’s what I am willing, and eager, to do, always.

In case some part of this was illness and exhaustion, I’m not going to try it again right away; Sunday at the next prayer meeting will be soon enough. If that goes smoothly, I’ll think about it then. There is a wide range of possibilities for how often and under what circumstances God wants me to speak in tongues; He will let me know in His own time. As to why I appear to be getting a more intense experience than other people are, what it means, what it’s leading to, what He wants me to do with it… time will tell. I’ll keep posting these updates so that other people who are going through a similar experience will know that they’re not alone, and so that my regular readers might be encouraged to give it a try.

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