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Does your church ever do communion?  I hadn’t realized that anyone outside of Catholics did it, but apparently it’s reasonably common, although not necessarily being done every week.  I experienced communion for the first time yesterday, because my church does it just every so often so that it will be serious rather than a ritual…  yeah, I’m dubious about that too, it seems to me that we’re all too on fire for God to not take it seriously, but I’m new to this so I can’t say for sure.  I didn’t know if there was anything to it, but God brought me to this church for a reason, so I was ready to dive in:

I asked God to let me have the full experience, and:  I definitely felt something when I ate the bread, a kind of pressure all around my head. When I drank the grape juice, I was focusing on the taste in my mouth, wondering if I’d get any hint of salt, which I DD, but even more importantly, I got something I wasn’t thinking about, that metallic coppery aspect of blood. I don’t think the grape juice actually turned to blood in my mouth, but that this was how God responded to my asking Him to let me have the full experience.  Amazing!!


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