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Reader Docotb posted an interesting comment on “Church-related blessings” in which she revealed that she had experienced a serious loss, of the man that is the love of her life, just like yours truly did, in response to which God had given her “HUGE blessings” and an enhanced relationship with Him, just as He has done for ME. I was thinking about that, about our losses and the rewards He has brought us for staying in faith. I was also thinking about the surreal nature of some of the blessings I had received, how they would make some people think that I was just plain out of my mind. I had the notification email from WordPress containing her comment up on one computer, and on the other I was bringing up my Feedjit page. I typed in the address bar: F-E-E, and then I SAW the autofill of the complete url, and SAW the favicon (that tiny image in the address bar) for Feedjit. But instead of my Feedjit page, a BibleGateway.com page loaded instead…!!

This is IMPOSSIBLE. Even if I had not SEEN the autofill and the favicon, even if I had accidentally typed a B instead of an F, as soon as that first E got entered there would be no way that a url starting with Bi could autofill. As you might imagine, God did not use this miraculous occurrence, and I don’t know what else to call it, to bring up a random or meaningless page on that site, oh no… the verse that loaded was:

Matthew 5:4 (MSG)
4 “You’re blessed when you feel you’ve lost what is most dear to you. Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you.

I can’t even imagine a universe in which THAT could be a coincidence, can you? This is the one verse in the entire Bible that is most specifically about this kind of loss/rewards scenario, and also the translation that puts it the most clearly. Since I’m on the computer pretty much every waking moment, God consistently uses the computer to give me messages and miracles; this on top of everything else that has happened recently is really quite overwhelming.

And there’s another one: The new friend who brought her kids to my church on Sunday to have that incredible experience revealed to me today that she does NOT live in my little community; she has no idea whatsoever why her entry in the membership directory of our meetup.com group shows her as living in my community, because that is not what she submitted. If her entry had not shown her as living in my community, I would NEVER have contacted her, and none of what I have described would have ever occurred… so, in some way that I cannot see and don’t need to see, God made sure that her directory entry said what it needed to say to make sure that I would contact her, leading to the miraculous events of this past Sunday.

My life is becoming more amazing every day; when that pastor told me that I would have restoration x7, he wasn’t kidding. God is AMAZING!!

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