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God has continued to bless me in many ways as I gradually integrate into my church.  I’m still feeling very confident that He intends for me to accomplish some significant things in this church, up to and including eventually getting to preach. I’m pretty sure that, false modesty aside, I am making great strides in obtaining pastoral approval.  I’m participating in just about everything, including those things where only a small group is involved, and, despite my only 2 months of membership, *I* was the one asked to take over for 2 of the ladies who do part of the “tearing down” after every service who will be on vacation starting next week; I’m actually astonished that in the whole congregation they couldn’t come up with a couple of other people to handle this responsibility without having to rely on a newbie… see how quickly I’m being seen as someone who can be counted on?  That’s clear evidence of God helping me along.

And I apparently gained a lot of points with the pastor last week when I brought a printout of a cool prayer meme to prayer group;  something made me leave it behind, and he surprised me by telling me this week that he had been showing it to other people, so clearly I did more than just share a cute image, I made a connection.

AND, one of the other ladies that I met via the same meetup.com group where I met the woman who brought me to this church, who I have never met in person, and had only exchanged a few one-line emails with, is going to be coming to church with me today!!  I don’t have to tell you how huge it is if you can bring a new member to a small church with no national support like mine.

The really interesting thing is that she and I had exchanged a couple of emails half a year ago, and then the holiday season hit and I never heard from her again, and the lady that I have been going to the church of, while previously agreeing that eventually we should contact the other ladies and try to get together with them, had switched to saying that we shouldn’t bother, but something made me send an email anyways, and this other lady responded, and then, although I had no reason to think that she was a Christian, much less a practicing Christian, and even knowing how badly put off some people are by mentions of religion, and keep in mind I was hoping that she would become a much-needed local friend, something made me tell her that I had been attending this other lady’s church… and she responded that she had been looking for a church to go to, but didn’t want to go where she didn’t know anybody, and suddenly this virtual stranger wants to go to MY church!! It’s hard to miss the hand of God in these events.

2015 continues to be a year, not just of restoration, but of restoration x7, of a new life with more than I ever had before. Stay tuned, because it’s just getting started!!

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