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Have you ever wondered why they always list Joseph’s genealogy when they talk about Jesus’ lineage, when they are NOT biological relatives?  I have.  Of course everything surrounding Jesus is important, but why make an issue that this is part of HIS background when it’s NOT, since Joseph is not his father?  This is where an aspect of Jewish law at that time comes into play:

“the line of Mary (the blood lineage of Jesus – Luke 3:27) and Joseph (the legal lineage of Jesus through Joseph – Matthew 1:12).

i. God used these two lines of ancestry for Jesus because He placed a curse on the seed of Jechoniah (also known as Coniah or Jehoiachin) as recorded in Jeremiah 22:30. That line was royal line of David, so if the Messiah was to qualify for the throne of David (Luke 1:31-33), he had to be of the legal line of David, yet not of his seed.”


Isn’t that brilliant?!!  People in those days might have wondered how the messiah could ever come, since only David’s descendants could qualify, but they were all under the curse and so none of them could qualify.  But God always has a way, even when we don’t see a way!!  Because Joseph was married to Mary, Jesus was his son under Jewish law, and thus qualified to inherit the throne of David.  God is amazing!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!  🙂

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