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Sorry, this week’s sermon was a repeat, so here are a few odds and ends:

Have you ever been to meetup.com? It’s a site for groups where like-minded people can get together and do various things. The point of these groups is that the organizer of each group schedules events that people participate in. I joined a bunch of these groups recently, but have not yet participated. Inexplicably, the organizer of one of them decided that he wanted to put together a directory of members to make it easier for people to get to know each other; that’s not what these folks normally do, and it’s a thankless ton of work as well. Instead of ignoring it as you might expect me to do with a directory of people I’ve never met, I found myself writing the organizer and pointing out that he should include what part of town people live in, as we mostly want to socialize with people who are not too terribly far away. Although I am a complete stranger, and he knows perfectly well that I have not participated in the group yet, he took my advice and solicited this information from everyone. 23 ladies in addition to me submitted their information. This group is open to people in my ENTIRE large county, and I live in a small community, so statistically I didn’t have much chance of finding anybody near me… but there are THREE other ladies right here near me, and one of them is practically a neighbor!! I emailed them, and they are all interested in getting together, so… I might end up with my own little group here.  There’s no confusion as to how THAT happened.

Oh, and did I mention that the woman who lives closest to me has the SAME NAME as an ex-friend?  God makes it clear where our blessings come from.

And:  I had been sleeping badly, but God has given me some nights of greatly improved sleep.

And finally:  I’ve been struggling intensely with a very specific problem, and a couple of days ago I got some hits from a site dedicated to providing help and support with that EXACT issue, so now I can get some support!!  Isn’t God AMAZING?!!

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