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God protected my money

A week or so ago, I noticed that one of the companies that I do work for was not sending me job emails anymore. I tried to log into my account on their site; not only did my login fail, but their site did not recognize my email address… potentially meaning that my account, and the $90 that I had not yet collected, were GONE. This is one of those companies where it’s impossible to reach a human being if you call them, and any extension that looks like it might lead to a human being is broken. The people that handle their emails were polite but clueless. I knew that God would get my account and my money back, though… and here’s how He did it:

I had the thought to see if I could find the full name for someone from that company that had been involved in an email correspondence with me back in the days before they merged with another company; had I found her full name, I might have been able to find her in their phone system’s company directory, and… I’m sure that she never picks up her phone any more than anyone else at that company does, but at least it would’ve been something try. I never did find her last name; what I DID find was a lengthy email, the kind that contains many individual emails back and forth, between me and another person at that company who had mentioned her first name. The messages from the company man all had a pretty standard corporate footer at the bottom of them, containing their phone number, the same phone number I had had no luck using… except that the last couple of footers inexplicably had a totally different #. I dialed it with an eerie sense of certainty, and wasn’t even really surprised when the ring was immediately answered by a human being… and not a receptionist, either, but someone who could actually HELP me.

Once she had located my account, she said that the reason the system no longer recognized my email address was that the account had been HACKED, and the hacker had changed the email address on the account to one of his own. Now here’s the miraculous part: The hacker had attempted to cash out $75 from my account on August 1. I say ATTEMPTED because, for no reason that the company woman could explain or imagine, the redemption, which would normally be processed within a couple of business days, had FAILED, which meant that the $ was still there in the account, thus circumventing the undoubtedly endless, crushingly stressful process I would’ve had to undergo to try to convince them that neither I nor any agent of mine had collected the money, and thus to get it refunded to the account. She was able to change my account back to my email address and refund my $75 immediately and problem-free!!!!!!!!!

What caused the redemption to fail? Why did the hacker not come back when he got the failure notice to try again? Or was no failure notice ever sent? If not, why? Even without one, why would he never had followed up when over a month and a half passed and his $, which would have been instantly delivered electronically as soon as the redemption was processed, never appeared? My best guess is that the hacker caused enough havoc on that website that they were alerted and shut him down… but then, why was I never alerted that my account been compromised, why was my account not transitioned back into my possession, and why had my money not been refunded? And why would the service rep I spoke to have no idea about any of this? I guess I’ll never know… but what I DO know is that God turned what could’ve been a disaster into a minor inconvenience. I am so blessed!!

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