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Today, as I was struggling with an important issue, I was suddenly hearing…  I didn’t know what.  I followed the sound, and traced it to the bathroom.  My roommate, who usually clutches his cell phone like a baby with his blanket, had left it in there, facedown on the floor, when he went outside to do yard work;  speech of some sort was coming out of it…  which, I soon discovered, related to the exact issue that I was dealing with.  !!!  He subscribes to an audiobook service, so I assumed he had sought out this book because my issues were on his mind.  But…  how had it suddenly started playing like that, after sitting there for ages with no one touching it or anywhere near it?  !!!!

I took the phone out to him so he could turn it off.  He revealed that he had not ordered the book;  he had never seen it before, much less tried to read it.  He assumed that the service had sent it as a freebie, but had no idea how the program had selected it to “play,” how or why it had skipped to the end of chapter THREE, and of course how it had started up without any controls being touched.  !!!!!

Had he had the phone with him, as always, he would have cut it off within the first few words, and I’d have never heard the message.

And the book had to be put in his account to begin with, of course.

So, once again, a series of impossible technical oddities has led to something miraculous;  God sent the right message at the right time.  Amazing!!


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