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God brought me a new friend

God has been performing many miracles for the past year and a half to not just rebuild the social life I lost but to give me a better one than I’ve ever had in my life. As part of that, my roommate and I went out and did something fun that we haven’t done for more years than you’d believe; we went to an arcade. A man appeared out of nowhere and started talking to us… and talking, and talking. He showed no sign of leaving, despite the fact that there were many open games available, and I did later verify that he played all of them. He seemed nice enough, highly intelligent and articulate, so I invited him to join us. We were real buddies by the end of the evening, and he gave me his card so I’d be able to email him; we’ve been emailing every day or so since then, and today we got together to play again, and the proverbial good time was had by all.

It’s not just the making of a new friend that points to God’s assistance, although God DOES help us make friends. It’s not just that this was only the second time in my entire life that someone approached ME and initiated a protracted conversation that started a friendship, although that is reasonably major. Even more major is that he lives VERY close to where I live, unlike most of the people I socialize with, making it possible for us to easily do more stuff together; I had asked God for a friend that lives close by, so this was an answer to that prayer. The HUGE thing here, that tells me 100% that God was involved, is what the new friend later told me; he works nights, and so would normally NEVER have been in the arcade on a weekday, whereas I, with my overwhelming desire to avoid crowds and having to wait around to do things, would normally ONLY go on a weekday. The only reason my new friend was there on that day was because he has been out sick, but is such a game addict that he has made the occasional brief trip to the arcade during times when he was feeling better; he made a big issue that his having been there when I was there was a FLUKE. I, of course, call it something different; a blessing.

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