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I have had dreams on a regular basis for a quarter-century about going to my purse after it had been out of my sight for a time only to find my wallet empty.  This actually happened at a place I used to work long ago, which would logically explain where the dream came from, and dreaming about it near that time, but not still dreaming about it every month or 2 more than half a lifetime later.  Dreams repeat for a reason, which I assume goes double when it does so for decades.  I’ve always believed that my subconscious used the empty wallet as a symbol of things being taken away from me, or my fears thereof;  I certainly have the history of loss to justify it, and of “anxiety dreams” in general.

Early AM of 7-10, I had a version of this dream where I’d been somehow away from my purse because I was trying on a pair of pants at a vintage store (needless to say, I’d always have the bag with me in the changing room in real life).  When I saw the purse sitting in the middle of the floor (I hadn’t been looking for it, it’s as if I’d forgotten about it), I knew my wallet would be empty, and it was…   but this time, a smiling, dark-haired (and I think with a tanned complexion) man, who was suddenly standing very close, facing me, threw a big wad of bills into the open purse;  I’d never had anything in the universe of this happen in this dream before.  I didn’t know who the man was or how or why he was there;  I know there was a man nearby when I was trying on the pants, but I don’t know if it was the same one.  When I said something polite to him like, “Oh no, you don’t have to do that,” he threw ANOTHER wad of bills in my purse, and, although that’s all the action I can recall, I do remember feeling like the $ was meant to be for me, that it was ok that he gave it to me, that it was to make up for what had been taken for me.

When I woke up, my first thought was that this was a message from God, showing me that He was going to repay me for everything I’ve lost…  and not just double, although there were 2 “wads,” because each wad was far more bills than I’d ever carry.  There’s no doubt that God can communicate with us through dreams;  aside from the whole omniscience thing, it’s in the Bible in many places.  I haven’t actually been repaid for anything yet, or seen any hint of what form it might take or when, so the dream was not a subconscious response to an occurrence or upcoming event…  I haven’t even been thinking of being repaid per se.  It just doesn’t make sense for this familiar dream that has never included a repayment option in a couple hundred repetitions to suddenly change;  it FEELS like a message.

And who was the dark-haired man?  God?  God can take any form, certainly.  Jesus?  Contrary to the familiar artistic representations, Jesus would have had dark hair and a tanned complexion, so it’s possible.  If God sent an angel to help me, he could have any sort of appearance… and, greeting cards and Roma Downey shows notwithstanding, all the angels are “male.”  I tend to think that I’d have known if I was faced with a manifestation of God’s power in any form, though, and I’d hope that H/he’d have SAID something… I can’t be SURE, though.

It doesn’t seem like this would be a stranger, so… what dark-haired men do I know?  Men of color aside, and eliminating an uncle who last had dark hair during the Clinton administration, I’ve got a few dark-haired male friends;  it wasn’t any of them, but most of what I’ve lost has nothing to do with $, so it’s all symbolic…  it may have been meant to make me think of them, or the man might represent several people (maybe I’ll figure out who they are later).

The important point is that it seems very likely that this radical turnaround in my long-standing dream is a message of encouragement from God that explosive blessings are coming soon to repay me in spades for what I’ve lost-stay tuned!!

Edit 5-11-15: Restoration x7 was prophesied over me at the beginning of this year, and, although none of the specific things that I’ve lost have come back YET, I have in fact been experiencing explosive blessings. I just re-read this rarely-visited post today for the 1st time since I wrote it 10 months ago, because it got visits on consecutive days; I had totally forgotten it, and am blown away anew by this wildly atypical vision of not only getting paid back, but getting paid back many times over. Maybe it’s not connected, but it feels like it IS…

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