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Farewell to 2013

This was a hard year for me;  the hardest of my life.  But it was also a year of signs and miracles and breakthroughs and renewed hope.  God has shown me repeatedly that He is here with me, guiding my footsteps and preparing me for the better things He has in store for me.  I have prospered where I am and my faith has never wavered.

One area that I’m doing particularly well in is the social;  I already have FOUR people who want to see me in January!!  When I asked God to bring me a social life, He complied in spades.  My birthday was a stellar example:

After getting ZERO for my b-day for years, this year I got FIVE b-day dinners, and a pile of gifts…  GIFTS!!  I’d forgotten what it even felt like to get a card, much less a gift.  Even a male geek friend got me one;  a book on religion.  And he’s an atheist.  TWO different people got me treats that I’d mentioned liking literally 20 years ago, too.  The biggest thing for my b-day, though, came from…  well, here’s the story:

Years ago, I mysteriously gained a bookmark titled “Hi FH Sorry I mucked up your” (and no end to the sentence);  I assumed then, and ever since, that someone had accidentally gotten into our network and somehow done something to my machine and left that message in apology.  My tech-exert roommate thought so too. For reasons I can’t explain, I never deleted the bookmark; I thought, beyond all reason, that some day I’d somehow figure or find out exactly what had happened. In the past couple of years of bookmarking scripture, I learned that line breaks in text copied into the “subject line” for bookmarks get incorporated, and I have to navigate with arrow keys to get all of it.  I never put 2 + 2 together, never thought to “scroll” to see if there was more to the mystery bookmark…. until my b-day, when it came up in an unrelated bookmark search (without which I’d never have thought of it). Out of a clear blue sky came the urge to check it out…  and my jaw hit the floor when I discovered THIS: “Hi FH Sorry I mucked up your Birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!” WHOA!! There was more, including the signature; my friend J in the UK. Somehow, her entire email had been copied into the subject line, TWICE. I’d never have a reason to copy the email, no reason to paste anything into the subject line for the bookmark, which already had a title (included after the emails), and it’s not like I wouldn’t have noticed if I’d done so, TWICE, so… HOW did that get there? And the likelihood of figuring it out and “getting the message” on my b-day; 1 out of 365, less than 1/3 of 1%. The only way I can interpret this is, as amazing as it sounds; God wished me Happy B-day!! Amazing!!

Also this year:  I’ve taken a quantum leap in my understanding of scripture, but also realized just how far I have to go before I have the “thorough knowledge” required for seminary;  I won’t be going as soon as I’d hoped, but it will happen in God’s timing.

This blog has taken a quantum leap as well.  Look at how radically my # of hits has changed:

2010:  76

2011:  525

2012:  7083

2013:  61,189

I’ve never done a thing to promote myself, so only God could have caused this;  maybe just to provide a resource for people, which in itself is awesome, but maybe He’ll eventually give me something major to say to my widening audience.

At the end of last year, I had a single-digit # of followers;  as of today, I have 75.  Thanks to all of you for joining me!!

Happy New Year!!  🙂

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