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As posted in “God shows that He will help my uncle” on 12-13, God has already given me signs that my uncle, who is doing so poorly that he is not expected to live to see his grandchild born in May, WILL hang on until then.  And now there’s another sign:

A few weeks ago, I’d had the urge to call into a Christian podcast that I listen to, which ends each day by playing prayer requests, and ask for prayers for my uncle. I like to do things as soon as I think of them, but nearly a week went by, as I kept feeling like it wasn’t the right time to do it, before I made the call. And then, so much time passed without hearing it played that I figured the request hadn’t come through clearly or whatever and they would not play it. But when I listened to the Christmas podcast just now, which had only 12 minutes of calls (it’s usually double that), there was my request!!

God is amazing!!

Merry Christmas!!

Edit:  My uncle DID live to see his grandchild!!  Thank you Father!!!!!!!

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