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My uncle is a frail invalid that the doctors say has little time left.  His daughter is pregnant;  she is due in May.  In the natural, he would not make it…  but we serve a supernatural God.

I went to JO’s site to post a prayer request about this.  I refreshed the page multiple times after I posted so that I could see if anyone was praying for him (there’s a thing to click if you’re praying for someone), and to find more people that I could pray for.  And then…  my prayer was duplicated, shown as 2 consecutive entries with the same time stamp.  I searched a long way above and below, and no other entries were repeated.  !!!!!

When I recovered enough to go back to refreshing, I was scrolling down to get to my entry, and…  the auto-load (it’s like WordPress has, with more entries appearing as you scroll down) froze…  and the last entry was a prayer for a man with not only my uncle’s name but his unusual spelling, too.  !!!!!!!!

AND:  a few refreshes later, my prayer and the one directly above it, with the same time stamp, had both been duplicated. Again, a search above and below revealed no other doubled entries.  !!!!!!

God wanted me to know that He has heard me, that He is “on the job,” that…  well, how else can I see it but as a sign that He will make sure that my uncle gets to meet his grandchild?


PS  If you would be willing to pray for my uncle, I’d really appreciate it.

Edit 5-22-15:  My uncle is still very frail, but also still alive;  God answered my prayer!!  🙂

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As part of my payment for work done for them, a tech company was supposed to send me one of their little tech doodads ($30 value).  It never came.  I’ve spent almost 3 MONTHS trying to get someone somewhere in this company to handle this issue;  no one admitted to ever having heard of the department that handled this job, and that department was not responding to their emails.  As always, though, I had faith that God would sort it out.  Then today, I got TWO emails:  one from the long-silent department telling me that my doodad had just been shipped, along with a tracking #, and the other was from some other department wanting me to call and discuss some unspecified thing.  I called and told them about the email I’d received about the shipment, TOLD THEM, and I do not mumble or whisper, trust me.  Totally ignoring what I’d said, they announced that they could not figure out who in their company might have hired or paid me, or owed me anything, but for my time and trouble they were giving me a gift card for their webstore so I could get my doodad!!!!!!

Not only can God make blind eyes see and seeing eyes blind, he can make deaf ears hear and hearing ears deaf.  God made that man so focused on passing on his message that nothing I said penetrated to his brain, and thus because of my struggle to get my doodad, with months of no progress but total faith that God would handle it, I will now have TWO doodads.

God is amazing!!


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