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I had asked God to bring me new social opportunities, and he brought me FOUR within 8 days, as reported in “God is giving me a social life” on 7-14.

When I had the chance to have the first full day in YEARS with one of these people, I asked God to give us a once-in-a-lifetime day at the zoo, which He did in spades, as reported in “God answers a prayer in spectacular fashion” on 8-25.

There was another local friend that I hadn’t seen in over 3 YEARS, who did a sudden turnaround from the depths of depression and was eager to see me on his b-day, and has since expressed almost comical eagerness to see me again soon.  And no, this was NOT a date, my roommate was with me and this guy is a confirmed bachelor.

And then…  a long-time online friend passed away.  If this had happened when my social calendar was full, I would have felt sad, sent her husband a condolence, and that would have been it.  But instead, given the current circumstances, I felt the urge to track down the “group” we used to have in a long-gone forum and tell them that she had died…  and they’ve all responded wanting to be friends again!!  Online friends are not a replacement for people you can get together with, of course, but they are still people who know me, have some shared history with me, and enough affection despite the intervening years that they want us to have a relationship again;  4 of them so far, all within ONE day.

AND, in searching for contact info for a 5th one (I may have found her online business, and will hopefully find out tomorrow if it’s her), I brought up the AOL IM for the first time since…  2003?…  and a friend that had vanished several years ago was logged in with her old ID!!  We got all caught up, and renewed our friendship…  which would never had happened without these exact circumstances.

When I was looking for the posts referenced above, I ran across “More friends?” from 4-17-10 for the 1st time since I wrote it, and was blown away to read that request for friends, because a month later, literally ONE month later, God created a miraculous event that led to my prayer being answered!!  Since that request worked so well, and the miracles are abounding anyways, I’m going to use it again:

“What I ultimately want, and I think even NEED, is several local friends, people that it’s reasonable to visit with in terms of distance, who I have enough in common with to be fully engaged with, now and for the long-term, and with good enough lives, and healthy enough minds, that we can have real friendships, not neurotic interlocks based on their emotional issues or love/hate frenemy things because they envy my having a better life than they do. If they’re intelligent and/or have relationships with You, ideally both, that’d be perfect, but anyone that You think would be a good friend for me I’ll accept joyfully. {Thank you}”

I wonder what I’ll have within a month this time?

Edit 9-26:  I DID locate the 5th friend!!  She rarely answers the phone at her work, but she did when I called;  we both found that significant.  We talked on the phone for HOURS.  We’ve all gotten hooked up on the instant messenger and are chatting like mad.  Amazing!!

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