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I made a purchase last night that I was using gift cards for;  TWO freaky issues arose.  One card had a redemption problem, and with the other one either I’d copied the # into my records twice because I wasn’t keeping track of what I’d done, or I’d failed to record one of the cards received at that time because I’d copied the 1st one twice instead…  I naturally feared it was the 2nd option.   The website that had sent it to me no longer had records of past cards so I had no way to figure out which it was.

The company that had given me the first card is one of those types that is usually a short-term thing;  I had very little hope that they were still around, much less that the one person I had an email addy for was still there, much less that they’d be in any hurry to assist someone who was no longer a member with a 2.5 year old card they’d given me.  With the 2nd card, the company has a long history of taking weeks to reply even to current issues, often requiring multiple emails to get them to respond, and I didn’t know if they even had the info I wanted available anymore, much less were willing to take the time digging it up, much less to do so any time soon.

So what happened?  First thing in the morning, they BOTH emailed me to handle their issues, and the 2nd company included the records I’d asked for!!!!!!!!!!!!  There’s no way THAT happened without God’s intervention.

And here’s more proof that He sends signs in dreams:  I had a dream that I was trying to sign a card for a friend that had not responded to the email I sent 5 weeks ago.  When I got up and went to my inbox I discovered, you guessed it, an email from him. AND;  the email had just come, meaning that it showed up within less than 10 minutes of when I was dreaming his name…  the TIMING!!  God is truly extraordinary.

PS:  This is my 500th post!!  🙂

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