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Like with all such incidents where knowledge that I had no possible direct access to pops into my head, my question is:  is it E-S-P or G-O-D?  Or, ESP could be something God gives us (as opposed to it being genetic or a mutation or whatever), which would be a little bit of a gray area.  In any case:

I’m unusual in many ways, one of which is that, previous to today, I’d NEVER seen MacGyver, and I mean not one single second of any episode, EVER.  I assume that, given the show’s popularity, someone I know must have seen it, but they’ve never discussed it with me…

(I just got an email that included a mention that YouTube has full-length movies.  I checked my bookmarks to verify that I had one for this, which I did, and I felt the urge to click it to see if it was still valid, which it is, and the top movie was one I’d never heard of: “Only God Forgives.” Is that a hint?)

…  so I really, really have no clue about it.  Anyways, this afternoon I was watching my tape of “House” episodes, and when I turned it off the program that was on that channel came on.  What I saw was a college-age boy looking through a peephole in a door from the outside;  the camera showed us something long and metal from that viewpoint that he said was a garage door opener.  He made some comment like it was clever, and a nonsensical thought popped into my head:  that what would be really interesting was if the garage door opener had nothing to do with it…  nothing to do with WHAT, I had no idea.  The whole thing was odd enough that I didn’t turn the show off right away, and there were other college kids trying, it quickly became obvious, to get through doors with various weird things keeping them locked.  Eventually someone said “MacGyver,” which made it obvious what show it was.  I don’t know why I kept watching;  the one kid was going to find the frequency for the garage door opener, the other was going to do something to speed up the clock on the time lock on “his” door…  there was no mystery, and I didn’t know what the story was, or who the characters were, or care…  but I kept watching.

And the punchline:  it turned out that the garage door opener had nothing to do with it!!  It was a FAKE, shown in a scale model of the room that was being seen via a periscope that was attached to the peephole at the other end…  the door was in fact NOT locked!!

Freaky.  Do you know why people with psychic flashes aren’t all millionaires from picking lottery #’s?  Because THIS is the sort of stuff you get flashes of, not lottery #’s or anything else of your choosing.  I think God might give us chances to see these things to make sure that we keep using that part of our brains (whether that part came directly from Him or from genetics), so that when He wants us to see something we can do so without Divine intervention.  Or it might be something totally different;  maybe some day we’ll know for sure.

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from JO’s sermon tonight:

the people God put in your life are not there by accident.  it’s not a coincidence that you met that woman, fell in love and got married;  the Creator of the universe brought your paths together.  you didn’t just decide to have those children;  they didn’t just show up because you and your spouse got together.  God knew your children before they were ever born;  they had your name on them before you even thought about having a child.   your parents, the people that raised you, you didn’t just happen to end up in that home, God put you there on purpose.  He’s given you your spouse, children, parents, as a gift;  they’re on loan to you for a period of time, they’re not always going to be there.  God is counting on you to take care of His most prized possessions.  they’re not ordinary, they are extremely valuable.  don’t take them for granted;  your husband, wife, they may have some faults.  you may not always see eye to eye, but they are a treasure, given to you by almighty God.  those children may be a lot of work, they don’t always do what’s right, but they’re a gift from God. you have to see your spouse, children, family, as being extremely valuable, a special treasure that God has entrusted you with.

every day, you need to tell them, “I love you, I’m proud of you, I’m so glad that you’re in my life.”  they need to hear this on a regular basis;  not just on their birthday, their anniversary, “honey it’s Valentine’s Day, I love you,”  no, once a year is not going to cut it.  if you don’t tell your wife how much you love her, somebody else will.  be generous when it comes to expressing your love.  be free with your compliments.  men, you can never tell your wife too many times how much you think she’s beautiful, and how glad you are to have her in your life.  that’s one of the best habits we can all develop;  complimenting our spouse.  people never get tired of hearing how much you love them, how proud you are of them.  how many relationships would go to a new level, how many marriages could be saved, how much arguing and petty strife would stop, if we’d simply start expressing our love on a daily basis.  yesterday’s “I love you” is not good enough for today;  every day you need to express it, and one of the best ways is with our words, with compliments.

people don’t know what you’re thinking;  a blessing is not a blessing until it’s spoken.   you have to express it, tell them what you’re thinking.  words have creative power;  they can lift people up, bring out confidence, self-worth.  when you tell someone, “I’m proud of you.  you’re a gift in my life.  if I had to do it all over, I’d marry you again in a split second.”  those are not just nice phrases;  those words are like glue.  they strengthen the relationship;  they’re deepening the roots.  that’s what makes it easier to go through the difficult times of life.  when people know you believe in them, you’re proud of them, when you keep the emotional accounts full, then when you hit a bump  in the road you have the strength to stick together and overcome it.  but the reason some people, they split apart so easily, they can’t withstand the smallest adversity, is because they don’t have any glue, kind words;  they’re not expressing their love.  when tell your spouse something as simple as, “honey, I love you,” you are speaking the blessing over your marriage, adding more glue.

ladies, one of your husband’s greatest needs is for you to be proud of him.  he may seem big, strong, invincible, like he doesn’t need anything, but underneath that tough outer shell is a little boy longing for your approval.  one of the most powerful things you can tell your husband is, “I am proud of you.”  when that man hears that you’re proud, something comes alive on the inside.  this is something only you can give as his wife.  his parents can be proud of him and that’s good, they should be.  his colleagues can give him awards, that’s nice.  his friends can tell him how amazing he is, that’s fine.  but nothing compares to the power you have as his wife to tell him, “I’m proud of you.”  when you do that, that does more than all of the others combined.  studies show us, having a wife that’s proud is at the top of the list of what every male longs for.   women, don’t withhold your blessing.  just as you like to hear, “you’re beautiful, I love you,” your husband needs to hear, “I’m proud of you.”   “I’d do this if he was more of this and less of that,” no, don’t focus on all of his faults, focus on his good qualities. the more you praise him, the better he will do.

your husband is like a cork floating in the water.  the more honor you pour in, the more you tell him that you’re proud of him, it’s just like you’re pouring water into that bucket;   that cork, you husband, will keep rising higher and higher.  he may be down right now, but instead of nagging, complaining, pour some honor in.  find something he’s doing right and say, “I’m proud of you for being at that job for 20 years., coaching our children through school, coming to church with our family each Sunday.”  he may be doing 100 things you don’t like;  find 3 things you do like and start pouring some honor in.  maybe your husband is not reaching his highest potential because the honor level is low.  you as his wife control the honor faucet.  you have the most power to do something about it.  don’t complain, pour in honor.  “honey, I’m proud of you.  you may not have broken the addiction altogether, but I’m proud of you for at least trying.  you didn’t get the promotion, but that doesn’t change one thing in my mind;  I’m still as proud as I can be of you.”  your husbands cannot live off of old honor.

you were proud of him when he graduated from college;  that’s good, but that was 5 years ago.  you were proud when he stepped up to take care of your parents, that’s great, but that was in the past.  what has he done lately that you can tell him you’re proud of?  if you’ll pour in some new honor, not only will he rise higher, but the whole family will rise higher.  when you get up tomorrow morning, give your husband a big hug and say, “I’m proud of you, you good-looking thing.”  when you pick him up off the ground, he’ll go out with a spring in his step.  you’ll be amazed at how these simple words will lift his spirit.   they’ll cause him to accomplish more, he’ll have a better attitude;  he’ll not only treat other people  better, but he’ll treat you better.  he’ll go out of his way to do kind things for you and the children, all because you met one of his greatest needs, that longing for you to be proud of him.

in the same way, men, your wife needs your approval, blessing;  this is vital to her becoming who God created her to be.  and God is going to hold the men responsible as the spiritual authority in the home (NB:  I’m dubious about that-God holds ALL of us responsible!!) for blessing our wives.  that means to build her up, make sure she feels loved, valued, respected.  I know men, they never give their wife the blessing;  these women only hear about what they’re doing wrong, the dinner was late, the kids ae too loud, how they’re not that attractive.  men, you’re not going to be blessed if you’re pushing your wife down;  she’s connected to you.  if you say disrespectful, demeaning things, you’re not only pushing her down, you’re pushing yourself down.  many women suffer from low self-esteem, depression, because they never receive the blessing from their husband.  men, don’t let that be your wife.

Solomon is considered one of the wisest men that’s ever lived.  every morning he blessed his wife;  he started his day complimenting his wife.  what would happen, men, if every day we told our wife, “you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.   there’s nobody like you in all the world”?  “well, if I did that, I’d be lying”;  no, your wife should be the most beautiful woman in the world to you;  don’t compare her with your neighbor’s wife, or the girl on the cover of the magazine, or the actress on TV, they’ve had a lot of help.  your wife is the gift God gave you.  physical beauty can be fleeting, but true lasting beauty is found on the inside.  your wife is a gift, treasure, one of a kind;  nobody has her fingerprints.  when you realize this, you can get up like Solomon and say, “hey baby, you’re looking fine today.”  men, don’t ever put your wife down.  get out of the habit of saying sarcastic remarks.  you don’t always have to have the last word;  let it go.  keep peace in the home.  if you can’t say anything good, don’t say it.  words can cut like a knife.  you can say something hurtful that only takes 10 seconds, but 10 years later the person still feels the wounds.  be careful what you say, especially to those that are closest to you.  are you taking care of your gift?  in 8 chapters , Solomon praised his wife over 40 times.

“my wife, she’s hard to get along with, she’s got a bad attitude,” no, you start praising her, telling her how beautiful she is.  when you talk about the good, you’ll draw out the good;  when you talk about the negative, you’ll draw out the negative.  you need to remember the reasons you fell in love.  when you were dating that person, you only focused on their good qualities;  that person had the same negative qualities back then as they have right now, you just didn’t focus on it.  too often, we fall out of love and start noticing, little annoyances become magnified. what’s the solution?  we’ve gotta fall back in love.  start remembering the reasons why you couldn’t live without that person.  magnify their good qualities.  overlook the things that are bothering you.  bring some freshness into the relationship;  laugh more often, take more walks, do something out of the routine.  that person God has given you is a gift.  they have 80% of what you need;  no person has 100%.  if you’re not careful, you’ll focus on the 20% that you don’t like and end up frustrated;  see their good qualities instead, the 80% that they do have.

it says in the scripture that because Solomon praised his wife, their children rose up and blessed her as well.  (he might mean the following from Proverbs:)

Proverbs 31:28 (NIV)

28 Her children arise and call her blessed;
    her husband also, and he praises her:

in other words, when the husband takes the lead, and blesses the wife, the children will as well.  husbands, fathers, we’re setting the example in the home;  how we treat our wife is going to have a great impact on how our children respect and honor their mother.  men, go out of your way to show respect to your wife.  treat her like you want somebody to treat your daughter.  ladies, treat your husbands like you want somebody to treat your own son.  men, we need to get back to the days of respect and honor.  it takes a man to open the door for his wife, to say, “I love you, you’re beautiful, I’m proud of you.”  you’re not a man just because you’re male;  treating your wife with respect, taking care of your family, watching after your children, makes you a man.  in reproduction, the father is the one that gives the child identity;  if he gives it an X chromosome, it will be a girl, if he gives it a Y it will be a boy  God has given us power as fathers to help our children know who they are.  we have incredible influence in our children’s lives, a responsibility to affirm our children.

every day;  “I’m proud of you, you’re going to do something great, you’ve got an amazing future.”   our children need our approval;  we’re helping them to form their identity.  but if we’re too busy, never there, that child is not going to be as confident and secure as he should be.  fathers, be involved in your children’s life.  bring them to church, be at their ballgames, meet their teachers, know who their friends are, listen to what they’re listening to, pay attention to what they’re watching.  they may not like it, but a child that has boundaries, deep down, that child knows that he’s loved;  that’s what gives him value.  fathers, we have something extremely powerful;  your children need your blessing.  make them a priority.  it’s not an option, it’s a responsibility.  you have something to give as a father that nobody else can give.  give your children your undivided attention;  make sure they know that they’re a priority in your life.  men, take time for your children;  don’t become the greatest pastor, athlete, coach, businessperson at the expense of your children.  your first mission field is your own family.

Joel 3:9 (KJV)

wake up the mighty men…

I know today I am speaking to mighty men, men of valor, honor, that rise up like Solomon and bless their wife.  men that make their children a priority, speak the blessing over their family.  I’m speaking to women of faith, honor, that rise up and tell their husband, “I’m proud of you.”  women that keep pouring the honor in.  you radiate strength, beauty, intelligence, dignity;  you are one of a kind.  make sure you are taking care of the gifts God has given you;  they’re not always going to be here.  be generous with your words;  “I love you.  I’m proud of you.  I’m glad that you’re in my life.”  express love on a daily basis.  men, get up every morning, tell your wife how beautiful she is.  make sure she feels special.  women remember;  you control the honor faucet.  you keep pouring honor into your husband, and he is going to keep rising higher.  if you’ll do these simple things, you will have a strong, healthy, faith-filled family.  every force that’s trying to stop you, your marriage, your children, is being broken right now.  God is releasing strength, healing, deliverance, favor, new beginning,  you and your family will rise up and become everything God’s created you to be.

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