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In “I spoke to an amazing man today” from 6-18, I described speaking to a man who was obviously a true man of God:

“A man whose words I have long admired, both because of his kindness and because he is a brilliant poet, had offered up his phone # on the DAB.  I had left a message for him when his mother recently passed away, but had the strong urge to speak to him directly.  I had a good timeframe in which to call today, and I did…  and he is, as the title says, AMAZING.  A true man of God, with the spirit in him so powerfully that I could feel it right over the phone.  He said a prayer for me out loud;  no one had ever done that for me before.  Tears were pouring down my face, and not for the only time in that conversation;  that’s how deeply touched I was.”

I had tried a fair # of times to speak to him again, but always got his voicemail.  He doesn’t work, he has family handling his groceries and such (he’s blind), and I’m very careful about the time zones so as not to call when he might be eating, sleeping or getting ready for bed, so I was first puzzled, then concerned, and then vaguely alarmed, at my continued inability to reach him.  I had felt certain that this man was meant to be in my life, but I’d had someone appear in my life just to provide a spiritual lesson and then disappear before, and in general have a hard time telling the difference between “friendly and wants to be my friend” and “friendly but NOT interested”…  was it possible that I was “pursuing” someone who was dodging my calls and hoping I’d give up and go away?

Each time I’d tried to call him, I’d asked God to let me speak to him that day. Today, I told God that I was worried that the man might deliberately not be taking my calls because he didn’t want to make a new friend under these circumstances, and if that wasn’t the case to please let me talk to him today so that I’d know that he was NOT avoiding me and was in fact someone I was meant to have a friendship with.

I got through right away.

It was another lovely conversation, that ended with me praying for him and him for me…  which included him specifically saying that he hoped out contact would continue.

Ask and ye shall receive.  You have not because you ask not.  Figure out the specific thing that you want and need, not wild demands for wealth or sexual favors from a famous person or to magically lose 50 lbs, but the things that will help you move along the path that you know deep inside that He wants you to follow…  and ask humbly, with trust that He will fulfill your needs, and He will come through in extraordinary ways.

Edit 7-21:  I listened to the DAB for today, and thus discovered via a message from this man that his phone had DIED (he was asking everyone to send their #’s via email so he could have them added to his new phone);  THAT’S why I kept going straight to voicemail…  further proof, should any be necessary, that he wasn’t trying to blow me off.  Why did God give me that info 2 days earlier, even though he KNEW that this DAB message was coming to explain it to me?  Because He loves me so much that He wanted to save me 2 days of thinking that the man had “rejected” me.  This is why I have unswerving belief that He’ll do other things for me;  because He DOES.

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