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A man whose words I have long admired, both because of his kindness and because he is a brilliant poet, had offered up his phone # on the DAB.  I had left a message for him when his mother recently passed away, but had the strong urge to speak to him directly.  I had a good timeframe in which to call today, and I did…  and he is, as the title says, AMAZING.  A true man of God, with the spirit in him so powerfully that I could feel it right over the phone.  He said a prayer for me out loud;  no one had ever done that for me before.  Tears were pouring down my face, and not for the only time in that conversation;  that’s how deeply touched I was.

I had always thought that the loss of his sight (oh, did I mention that he is not only overflowing with the spirit but BLIND?) might have led to him having greater “true vision”;  he said the same thing about himself in our conversation.  And then, tonight, I watched Reflections a little too long, it went past the top of the hour when I had something else to watch, but this allowed me to non-coincidentally catch the following verse:

2 Corinthians 5:7 (KJV)

(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

The Lord never ceases to astonish me.  This was His conformation that starting up a friendship with this man was the right thing to do…  and it’s not hard to see how it will benefit me to learn from his example.  I ask God that I be able to bring blessings to this man’s life as well.

And something else spiritually powerful happened, too:   I was checking the tracking for an Amazon order, and at the bottom of the page they had a section for “Customers Who Bought Items in Your Recent History Also Bought,” in which, because I’ve been looking at crosses, they had a cross.  It was made of Hawaiian koa wood, which had no connection to any of the crosses I’d looked at, since I hadn’t looked at any wooden ones…  but is powerfully connected to a spiritual experience my mother had a couple of months before her death, that involved some wonderful native Hawaiian people…  a story that I told the man described above in that conversation!!!!!  In what universe is THAT a coincidence?  (On TV, Natalie in “Monk” just said “that can’t be a coincidence”!!)  So, I guess I’ll be buying a koa wood cross!!

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