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6 months ago, I 1st broke 1000 hits to this blog in a month.  For May, I just broke *5000*!!  (5414, to be exact, so it was almost halfway to 6000.)  Keep in mind that I only got 128 hits my entire first YEAR!!  I used to check Feedjit once a week to see if I’d gotten a hit.

I also broke the 25,000 hits milestone yesterday.

Last week, I broke 1400 hits in a week for the first time.

I’ve been beating 150 hits/day, and then 200 hits/day, in the past few weeks.

I do absolutely nothing to promote this blog, not even posting other places with this ID.  The content has not changed.  So why am I getting so many more hits?  Not hard to guess.  WHY is He doing this, other than to make me happy?  I dunno, maybe that’s all there is to it…  but He is notoriously efficient with the actions He takes, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there ends up being another, as yet unforeseen, benefit to this very flattering interest in my little PageRank 1 blog.

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