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(A sign is a clue about what God is doing or, much more commonly, intends to do, and a message is information that He gives us to teach or guide us.)

God DOES give us messages and signs;  JO always says so, and besides that it’s always been overwhelmingly obvious to me.  What’s less obvious is where that line is between a clear sign and wishful thinking, between a message and a random oddity or a coincidence. Here’s are 2 such gray areas for the past few days.

1)  I have had several comments from a visitor who has been falsely accused and is enduring great pain and distress from it.  I have been falsely accused recently too, so I have felt great empathy as well as sympathy;  it had a faint feeling of connection, too.  My new friend posted today that 5-23 is for some reason the date by which something needs to be done.  I will be seeing the primary people who MIGHT assist me today, 5-22, and I don’t know how long it will be before I see them again;  so, in my case, my “justice,” if it’s to come any time in the forseeable future, will also have to come by the 23rd.  Is this a sign that God will be settling this now, a message that I need to wait in faith as I have advised the commenter to do, or a coincidence?  I’m not much of a believer in coincidence.  This is the sort of thing that SEEMS like a sign, but I have to leave room for it to be a message, too;  I’ll know more later today.  Edit early 5-23:  neither one of us got our solution within the “deadline.”  So, it was a message, then, and our parallel situations still feel like a sign for the future;  time will tell.

2)  JO’s most recent sermon (I’m still working on it as I type this) was about keeping something in front of you to encourage your faith in the things you’re hoping for.  Many New Age and metaphysical paths advise keeping an image of what you want where you’ll keep seeing it (aka vision boards) to draw it into your life.  I have a stack of images in a place where I see them a bunch of times each day.  The topmost images for months now has been one of an outdoor furniture set made of ornately formed metal, which I saved because of the unusual color of the cushions;  I never had any thought of or desire to get this sort of furniture…  until a few days ago when my next-door neighbor put a set out on their front lawn with a “FREE” sign on it.  It was good-looking, and it’s pricey stuff, so we grabbed it.  Is this a sign that something that I’m strongly hoping for, that I already have a visual aid in place for, will come to me, or is more likely to do so, because of that visual aid?  Or a message that the New Agers are right, and that looking at images can draw things to you?  Or is it totally unrelated, just with odd timing?

And finally, something that God handled for me:  I’ve been having trouble for many months getting my account working on a site I get work from;  I’d used every trick I know to get around their efforts to prevent anyone from actually contacting them, used every email addy and phone # I could find to try to get help, but no dice.  And then, an hour ago, I suddenly got a boilerplate “we haven’t seen you in a while, come back” email from them, with a link to click to verify that I still want to do their work!!  This was certainly not the path back to functionality that I’d envisioned, but that’s how God works;  He always has another way, an unimagined, unexpected way.  I’m so grateful to have this handled!!

And is this a sign of other long-standing issues getting ready to be handled by God?  Time will tell.

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