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In “Pink cross, prisoner of hope” from 11-25-12, I described finding this image:

This is SO me!!

and wishing that my 1st cross would look like this one.  I eventually found it here:


and today it arrived.  It’s MUCH smaller than the pic, of course, but the idea was to have a cross that was very pretty and totally “me” but appropriate for something OTHER than a Vegas show, so the “real deal” is just perfect.

I don’t know if God was involved in that one, although He might well have been, by prompting me to seek it out rather than just thinking about it, but I credit Him fully with THIS one:  I sign up for a ton of contests and giveaways, so I get a ton of goodies.  One thing that has consistently eluded me is nail polish.  Every time it was offered, it was at the wrong time and I missed it, the site crashed and I never got through, SOMETHING, and we’re talking about YEARS of trying.  Once, I thought I had it, an allegedly pomegranate red shade from the company that makes that juice…  but when the package came they had substituted a plastic bracelet in that color instead.  Then there was the time I actually GOT a bottle of polish…  that was the exact color of a chocolate milkshake, so hideous as a nail accent (or for anything else on a human body) that only the goth teen I know would take it, and then she never used it.  So, I don’t count that one.  I don’t usually do the “come look at our ad ideas and answer questions for a 1 in a million chance at a prize” things, but I’ll do the occasional fast one for the magazines that send me stuff… and the 1st thing I saw when I hit my inbox Monday was an email informing me that from one of those very questionnaires I’d won a **$100**  gift pack from a major nail products company!!  (And, literally just this second, I refreshed my inbox and got another email from them confirming that they got my address confirmation!!  She gets to work early.)  I don’t know what all will be in this package, I’m sure they’ll feel obligated to send me their latest goofy product, whatever that is, but one thing it’s guaranteed to contain…  NAIL POLISH!!

Edit 6-5:  I got the goodies on 5-31.  It was mostly goofy stuff for much younger women, with ONE bottle of polish…  in a garish orange color I could never use, LOL!!  But THEN, God steered me to a nail polish giveaway yesterday, at a weird time that I normally wouldn’t be able to do, where the shades offered are classics that would all be good, no matter which one they send me, and I’m confirmed to get one…  so the “curse” WILL finally end.

Edit 6-13:  I got it today.  I opened the box…  and there was by far the best of the available polishes!!  No surprise there;  God brought me to a flourishing finish.  Look how hot this polish is (all the spots are because it’s shimmery/sparkly):



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