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from JO’s sermon tonight:

studies tell us that we move toward what we consistently see.  you need to keep something in front of you, even if it’s symbolic, that reminds you of what God has promised.  if you’re single, and have a desire to get married, put an empty photo album on your table at home;  that’s where you’re going to put your wedding pictures.  when you see it, you’re moving toward it.  some of you are not seeing God’s best, not because you don’t have the faith, talent, determination, but because you’re not keeping the right things in front of you.  if you can’t see your vision, you’re not moving toward it. all over your house, you should have pictures up that inspire you, scripture verses that encourage you, mementos that strengthen your faith.  maybe it’s a key on your keyring for the new house you’re going to buy.  somebody asks you, “what’s this extra key for?” “that’s for the house that’s on it’s way.”  whatever you’re believing for, dreaming about, keep something in front of you that reminds you of what God has promised.  when Zerubbabel wanted to rebuild the temple, he laid the foundation, but people came against him and forced him to stop.  the prophet Zechariah said, “go get the headstone (aka capstone),” which was reserved as the final piece of stone for the building. it was symbolic;  it represented the finished product.

why was it important that he keep the headstone in front of him?  because every time he looked at it, it reminded him that God would finish what He started.  do you have your headstone in front of you, something that represents the final piece to your dreams?  when you see something long enough, it gets into your subconscious mind, and eventually drops down into your spirit, where you know that you know it’s going to happen.  maybe you’re believing to have a baby;  why don’t you go buy a baby’s outfit and put it in your closet where you can see it all through the day?  keep your vision in front of you.  you are moving toward what you consistently see.  is there anything that you see every day that reminds you of what you’re believing for, something that inspires you, ignites your faith?

Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

18 Where there is no vision, the people perish

with no vision, you’ll get stuck;  this is the reason many people have lost their passion, they don’t have anything in front of them that reminds them of what God has promised.  if you’re believing to move into a nicer house, find a picture of the house you really want and put it on your bathroom mirror;  let that seed take root.  if you’re believing to go to a certain college, buy the t-shirt and wear it around, get the coffee mug with their logo, put it on the counter.  every time you wear the shirt, see the picture, the baby’s outfit, say, “God, I want to thank You that You’re bringing my dreams to pass.”  let that be a reminder of what God has promised you.  what you keep in front of you, you are moving toward.  don’t have a small vision for your life, you are not inconveniencing God by believing big;  when you believe to do something great, set a new standard for your family, when you take the limits off of God, and say, “I don’t see a way, but I know You have a way, so I’m gonna believe to have these twins, my business, my charity will impact the world, I’m gonna believe to be totally healthy and whole”;  when you believe big like that, you please God.  it doesn’t matter what it looks like in the natural, we serve a supernatural God;  He is not limited by your resources, education, background, nationality.  if you will keep a big vision in front of you, God will not only do what you’re dreaming about, He’ll supersize it;  He’ll do more than you can ask or think.  the way our God is, His dream for your life is bigger than your own dream.

if you will stay in faith, God is going to supersize what you’re believing for.  if you will keep your vision in front of you, a big vision, and not talk yourself out of it, but just keep honoring God, being your best, God is going to supersize what you’re dreaming about.  He’s going to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond.  if you can accomplish your dreams in your own strength, talent, resources, your dreams are too small;  you’ve gotta enlarge your vision.  your destiny is too great, assignment too important, to have little dreams, goals, plans;  keep something big in front of you.  “I can’t even imagine ever doing that, being that blessed”;  don’t worry, you won’t be.  if you don’t have a vision for it, it’s not going to come to pass. some things seem far out, very unlikely;  but don’t ever say, “I can’t imagine that.” you see somebody that’s really fit, energetic, you’re trying to lose some weight, “I can’t even imagine looking like them.”   drive through a nice neighborhood, a beautiful house, “I can’t imagine living in a house like that, owning my own business, publishing a book”;  you are being limited by your own imagination.  you’ve gotta change what you’re seeing, do not let the enemy paint the pictures in your mind, use your imagination to see yourself rising higher, accomplishing your dreams, overcoming obstacles, blessed, prosperous, healthy, strong, redeemed, forgiven, well able.  don’t only have it in your imagination, but keep something in front of you that reminds you of what God has promised.

sometimes your family won’t be your biggest cheerleaders.  they may not encourage you;  you’ve gotta listen to what God’s telling you, and not what people are telling you. people may try to talk you out of what God put in your heart.  when you keep your vision in front of you, that is your faith being released, that’s why the scripture uses such strong language, “where there’s no vision, people perish, your dreams will die.”  if you can’t see what God’s promised you, you will miss the incredible things God wants to do.  maybe you need to lose 30 pounds;  put a picture up on your bathroom mirror of you 30 pounds lighter.  every day when you see it, don’t get depressed, and think, “I wish I still looked like that,” no, “Father I want to thank you that I’m losing this weight, that I’m healthy, fit, in shape, energetic, well-able, attractive.”  let a new image take root.  you may not be healthy right now, but you’ve gotta keep something in front of you that says you will be healthy; put pictures of you up in your house  from a time when you were healthy, scripture verses that encourage you, call your family in another state, tell them you’re planing on coming to see them.  don’t you dare plan on dying, we need you, your family needs you, this world needs you, make plans to live, keep the right vision in front of you.

2 Corinthians 4:18 (NIV)

18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

one translation indicates, “they are subject to change”;  anything that doesn’t line up with the vision God placed in your heart, you need to see that as being temporary;  it is subject to change. you may be facing an illness right now;  the good news is, it is subject to change.  God says, “I’m restoring health unto you, the # of your days I will fulfill.”  let that vision take root.  you may be struggling in your finances, in debt, barely making ends meet;  that is subject to change.  God says, “you will lend and not borrow, whatever you touch will prosper and succeed.”   it may look like your dreams could never come to pass, all the odds are against you;  the odds are subject to change.  one touch of God’s favor, and He can take you from the back to the front, from working at the business, to owning your own business, from being given up on by medicine like my mother to being healthy and whole 30 years later.  everything that doesn’t line up with what God put in your heart, see it as subject to change.  that child that’s off course, he’s subject to change.  being lonely is subject to change.  not getting any good breaks, that’s subject to change.  people trying to pull you down, that is subject to change.  see it as temporary.  keep what God has promised you in front of you.  this is what Abraham had to do;  he had to start over, he lost everything he had worked for.  his nephew Lot chose the best part of the land, and he had to move on.  and then:

Genesis 13:14-15 (NIV)

14 The Lord said to Abram after Lot had parted from him, “Look around from where you are, to the north and south, to the east and west. 15 All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever.

notice the principle;  whatever you can see, God will give it to you.  the reason some people are stuck is that they’ve got their head down, focused on their problems, what didn’t work out, who hurt them;  God is saying, “look up from where you are, don’t sit around depressed, discouraged, get a new vision for your life.”  put some new pictures in front of you.  all that you can see, God says He’ll give it to you.  some of you think that your dream is too big, your difficulties are too great, it’s been too long;  but God is saying, “I’m still on the throne, I’m still going to bring it to pass.”  if you will keep a big vision in front of you, God is going to do something big in your life;  He is gong to release His favor like you’ve never seen before.  what you thought was over and done, God is still going to do.  what looked impossible, like it was over your head, God is going to suddenly cause things to fall into place, giving you the influence, connections, favor, wisdom.  don’t stop believing;  every time you see your vision, you keep thanking God that it’s on its way.  if you will do this, God is going to supersize whatever you’re dreaming about;  it’s going to be bigger than you imagine, He’s gonna take you places you could not go on your own, opening doors that no man can shut.  He’s going to do what medicine cannot do.  you need to get ready;  every dream, promise, goal God’s placed in your heart, it will come to pass, in Jesus’ name.

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