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I’m getting bogged down by the various stressors in my life, and the thought came to me, probably from God, that I should talk to some  friends that I haven’t spoken to in ages, by which I mean actual phone calls, not “talking” via email.  I emailed the 4 of them that I thought were the best candidates to see how they might feel about having our 1st talks in a while be under these circumstances, and when they might have a little free time to say something meaningful.  They all have histories of being slow to respond to emails, they’re not big on online stuff, but all 4 responded promptly and enthusiastically;  this in itself was wonderful.  One of them was able to talk right away.  The other 3 picked what for them was the best day coming up.  They were sent their emails late on Wednesday, and all 3 of them chose as the preferred time to talk, not any part of the weekend, but TUESDAY.  3 people who do NOT attend the same school, work in the same company, or live in the same part of the country, who have no commonality in their lives whatsoever to require to them to have the same scheduling preferences, all picked Tuesday.  Not weird enough?  How about this:  There is rarely a day on which I could not take a phone call, and those rare days would virtually all be on weekends, which is when socialization marathons would occur.  The first such weekDAY on which I would not be able to take a call in a very long time is… you guessed it, Tuesday (today).

When this many “coincidences” pile on, I see the hand of God involved.  He’s making it clear that I’m acting according to His will, and will benefit from these calls…  just delayed a couple of days, lol.

Still not convinced?  I also sent emails out to a few people that I have less of a history of closeness to, just saying “hi”and asking how they were doing.  One of them wrote back, I replied, and today she wrote again.  There has been ZERO mention of phones, calling, talking, needing to talk, absolutely nothing in this zone in anything I said to her.  Furthermore, although when she lived in my city many years ago we talked on the phone a lot, we’ve had only a handful of calls over the past 20 years, with the last one being over a decade ago (email is easy and free, with no time zone issues).  However, her 2nd email begins with this line:

“Great to hear from you. Still have the same phone number, xxx-xxxx? I still know it by heart.”

!!!!!!!!!!!!  Soooooooo, I guess I’ll be talking to HER, too…  why else would she bring up my # if she wasn’t suggesting a call?  WHY would she bring it up, period?  Whenever people do unexpected things for me like this, I know that God has exerted His influence.  I am SO blessed.

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