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A couple of days ago, my roommate brought up a show that we both really like but had not seen in years:  The Odd Couple.  I looked it up on Zap2it, and it showed no listings for the next 2 weeks (which is as far as they go).  We were bummed.

Yesterday, we remarked how 2 other Golden Age of TV shows that used to be on daily had not been on for ages:  The Bob Newhart and Mary Tyler Moore shows.  We were bummed.

Today, I saw an ad on Cloo, that I assumed was for them, for another classic show we love:  Get Smart.  I looked it up so I could mark it as a favorite (which would show as purple in the listings), and it did not show as being on Cloo.  It did however show it as being on an unfamiliar channel, which I checked to see if I received (by turning on the TV and entering that channel);  when I saw that I did, I added it to my channel listings.

What show was on that channel the 1st moment I saw it?  The Odd Couple.

What other shows were showing in the 3-hour listings window for this channel at that time?  The Bob Newhart and Mary Tyler Moore shows.

Coincidence?  For THREE shows, one of which was showing 0 listings for 2 weeks just a few days ago and now shows a bunch of times for that same timeframe?  Not a chance.

God is always working behind the scenes to provide us with solutions to even the little things we want, trivial things that we’d never want to “bother” Him with but that He still wants us to have.  Count on it.

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