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Watch for the signs

JO is sending a series of video messages in his daily newsletters this week, and here’s the one for today:

“when God puts a promise in our heart, many times He will give us some kind of sign that that promise is going to come to pass, something that will boost our faith to encourage us. it may be something small;  a friend makes one comment, they don’t even realize it, but it’s exactly what you needed to hear;  something lights up on the inside, that’s a sign from God.  I’ve had people tell me after the service, “when you mentioned this in your message, it’s exactly what I needed.”  I think to myself, “I didn’t even talk about that,” you know what that is?  God causing them to hear what they needed to hear.  maybe you’re reading the scripture, and all of a sudden a verse jumps out at you, you feel 10 feet tall, you know God’s in control, you know He’s fighting your battles, that’s a sign from Almighty God.  it’s important that we recognize these signs;  that’s what’s going to keep us encouraged while we’re waiting for the promises to come to pass.  when we’re tempted to get down, we can go back and say, “no, I’ve got this sign, God confirmed it through a phrase that was spoken to me, through a dream that I had, through the time that I woke up singing.” if you can just remember not just the promise, but the time God confirmed it with a sign, that’s going to give you the faith to stand strong and see the promise come to fulfillment”

Every so often I ask myself if the things I see as signs are just wishful thinking.  Some of them probably are, since as a mere human I won’t have perfect judgment…  but they certainly can’t ALL be that way, given that there’s no doubt that God DOES give signs…  especially when some of them that are SO out there.  I’m grateful as always for the encouragement, and live in expectation of unprecedented favor.

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