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I saw the name of a friend I haven’t chatted with in a few months come up on the IM in my Yahoo inbox a few days ago;  I sent a hello, but she did not reply and was soon gone.  Oh well, it happens.  Today, she popped up again, and before I could think to try contacting her again, a message came through from HER, even though I was Invisible…  maybe she just missed the last one, and just got it today?  Or, maybe God took a hand.  In any case, we started chatting, and I told her about my studying scripture in preparation for applying to seminary, which was the 1st time I’d mentioned the latter to her.  She said:

“As I am sitting here thinking about you, I think this may be a good fit for you. You have always helped people in time of need, and had given good advice. You will still be guiding people just with a spiritual/religious base.”

That’s pretty nice, right?  Next was:

“I love JO because he is positive. One reason I strayed away from Church was I did not like being told i was a sinner everyday, and the world was coming to an end. JO preaches positively, and I think a lot of people and this country needs to feel positive vibes….”

I’ve known her for 20 YEARS, and she’d never said a single peep about religion, so I was astonished to read this…  although given the level of miracles God surrounds me with, I probably shouldn’t have been.  We shared some religious ideas, which were perfectly in accord, and then:

“I can see you offering messages of hope and love. You helped me so much in my breakup with K and finding my OWN identity… I think that is a gift and you should follow it and see where it leads you.”

VERY nice!!  Then, this woman who lives halfway across the country from me said:

“Who knows…one day we will see you give a sermon”

I think she’s the 1st one to say that.  And she didn’t say “might see” she said “WILL see”;  possibly just an oversight, but I don’t think so.  And then, this line REALLY woke me up:

“Are you doing a blog about your journey? I would love to follow along”

I have never said a single word to her about blogging;  the word “blog” has never come out of her mouth with me before, or out of my mouth with her, EVER.  Why would she ask me about a BLOG?  And notice the word “journey,” which we have also never used in conversation before;  the subheading for this blog is “My journey along a new path.”  These are NOT coincidences;  this was God alerting me that He was influencing my friend’s words.  (NB:  I did NOT tell her about this blog, because I need the anonymity in order to feel able to fully speak my mind.)  And what message did God mean for me to get, other than that He is HERE, and wants me to be encouraged about pursuing ministry?  THIS:

“Me: it’s so hard to imagine ME doing any kind of public speaking, but I can hear the sermons themselves, if that makes sense

Her: Yes, it makes sense cause you are finding the peace you have been looking for.”

I have never said one thing to her about looking for, wanting, needing, or even about not already HAVING peace.  Her comment about peace has nothing whatsoever to do with either public speaking or hearing sermons in my head, so it doesn’t connect at all to what I said, or make any SENSE as a reply to what I said…  although I didn’t see that at the time, and so was, let’s say “prevented,” from asking why she’d say such a thing.  In any case, the message is clear:  as part of the presumably many rewards of ministry, I will receive PEACE.  I am blessed beyond words.

Edit 3-2 5:25 AM:  I have started getting one of those freaky bombardments of “everything unknown” hits that I’d previously gotten mainly from Miami with a little Palo Alto thrown in, but this time it’s an even mix of Palo Alto and Menlo Park.  I still have no idea what causes it.

And:  I’m having a feeding frenzy on “It’s only a test” from 9-17-12, I think from Facebook.  And my verse of the day came from Biblegateway:

Job 23:10-11 (NLT)

10 “But he knows where I am going.
    And when he tests me, I will come out as pure as gold.
11 For I have stayed on God’s paths;
    I have followed his ways and not turned aside.


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