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On 8-12-12, I said:

“Since my hits to this blog have literally been HALF as much this past week as in the previous weeks, I asked Him to bring me 100 people a day”

For that entire week, I ended up with 109 hits, slightly over half of the previous week’s 202, so 100 hits a DAY was…  ridiculous.  Except, I’ve gotten 608 hits for the past week (this was the 1st time I broke 600, and is part of  overall upwards trend);  I was either slightly under or slightly OVER 100 hits per day FOUR times (2 each)!!  My entire first YEAR of this blog I only got 128 hits, and I may soon get that many hits every DAY…  and if that’s not proof of God’s existence I don’t know what is.

But back to the point:  I prayed for something that at the time seemed ridiculously big, and 6 months later I’ve got it.  JO is right;  God meets us at the level of our faith, and He wants us to pray BIG.

So what do I ask for now?  My first thought was for 200 hits per day, but with the steady upwards trend…  I remember being overwhelmed when I broke 1000 hits in a month for the first time in November, and this month I’m poised to break *2000*…  and heck, 100 hits a day would give *3000* hits per month…  so I’ve asked for *500* hits per day.  This is well beyond what *I* can cause, so it counts as a bold prayer, a God-sized prayer, in the area of blogging;  don’t be surprised if you see another post about an answered prayer in the not too distant future.

And what does God want me to DO with such a grand blog when I get there?  Something more than report on what various preachers have said, certainly;  whatever He wants me to say, He’ll make it clear at that time.

And an unrelated side note:  Last night, as I was about to go to bed, I felt…  it felt like a hand touching me between the shoulder blades, not the entire hand but the grouped fingers we normally touch another person with to make a point or get their attention.  It was a pretty firm touch, and it startled me as you might imagine.  I felt no sense of there being a presence (ghostly, angelic etc), and was tired enough to not think to address God and see if He was involved;  that’s very unfortunate.  My roommate, about to go to sleep himself, touched my back less than a minute later (below the shoulder area), and that short-circuited the previous touch in my sleepy mind and kept me from wondering about it…  until now.

I just checked my Feedjit log, and while I’ve been working on this I got my 1st-ever hit to “An odd spiritual comment from my roommate” from 2-4, which is about the story where Jesus touched a leper and made him clean, that I told to my roommate, and then:

“My roommate walked over, touched the back of my hand, and said, “Now I don’t have to take a shower.””

It’s probably a stretch, but the touching things sort of feel related.  In any case, I’ve long since learned to record anything even slightly unusual, as often meaningful patterns begin to form;  time will tell what this might mean.


Edit 8-3-15:  It took a couple of years, but for the past 2 months I’ve been averaging over 500 hits per day, and getting an increasing # in the 600’s and 700’s, and have even broken 800 a few times.  God is amazing!!

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