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I was watching a wonderful JP DVD that I’d ordered from his site, and he referred to this story:

Matthew 8:1-3 (NIV)

Jesus Heals a Man With Leprosy

8 When Jesus came down from the mountainside, large crowds followed him. A man with leprosy came and knelt before him and said, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.”

Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!”Immediately he was cleansed of his leprosy.

I described to my roommate how JP had explained that the law about lepers was that they had to stay away from people and shout “Unclean!!” if they were near them, because the belief was that if a leper touched a healthy person they would get leprosy from them and thus be unclean too, BUT, that when Jesus touched the leper the latter was made clean.  In those days, under law, being unclean, and by somewhat broad conceptual extension sinful, was contagious, but under grace, being clean, and by a similar extension righteous, is contagious (and thus grace is better than law, and we should act according to grace and not according to law).

My roommate walked over, touched the back of my hand, and said, “Now I don’t have to take a shower.”  It took a moment for me to realize that he was alluding to that story, indicating that *I* was at a high “level” of clean.  He’s a degenerate heathen, though, so maybe he just meant “very dirt-free,” rather than also suggesting “righteous”;  there’s no real way to question him without him wondering why I’m asking if he meant that I really had such righteousness in the sense of a religion he doesn’t know I’m a part of, so I don’t know…  but it’s not like I’m some poor obsessive compulsive washing 20 times a day, so….?

Maybe he just did a random thing without any real thought;  it wouldn’t be the first time.  In any case, because of the spiritual background I figured I’d include it here;  you never know what will end up being part of a pattern later.

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How a flood is coming

from JO’s sermon tonight:

sometimes on the news, the weather person will announce that we’re under a flash flood warning;  that means conditions are ripe for possible flooding.  water could get out of its normal boundaries, overflow and increase in such a way that drainage and bayous are overwhelmed.  just like that weather person, I’m here to announce to you today;  you’re under a flash flood warning.  conditions are just right:  you’ve honored God, been faithful, passed the test, now God is saying, “there’s about to be a flood, but not with water, you’re going to see a flood of My goodness.”  opportunity, healing, good breaks, to where you’re overwhelmed with God’s favor.  it’s beyond your expectations, puts you into overflow.  now, you may have experienced a lot of negative things in the past, bad breaks, disappointments, heartache;  it’s easy to get discouraged, and let that overwhelm you.  the negative thoughts will tell you, “you’ll never get well, you saw the medical report.  you’ll never rise any higher and accomplish your dreams, you’ve gone as far as you can go.” no, you need to get ready, things have shifted;  you’re about to come into this flash flood, where suddenly you meet the right person, you get accepted into that college, your career takes off…  you’re going to see the surpassing greatness of God’s favor.

it’s going to take you beyond your normal boundaries, supersede what the medical report says, your talent, education, experience;  it’s going to thrust you to a level that you could have never gotten to on your own.  it’s not gonna be a little drizzle, sprinkle, it’s going to be a flood of favor, talent, ideas, opportunity.  get this down in your spirit:  a flood of God’s goodness.  you say, “I don’t believe I’m gonna see this flood, I don’t believe that anything good’s gonna happen to me,” then this is not for you, this is for believers, people who know things have shifted in their favor, who know God can do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond.  this is for people who get up in the morning and say, “Father, thank You for a flood of Your favor today.  thank You for a flood of wisdom, healing, your goodness in my life.”  this is what David did:  he was facing an impossible situation, he and his men were up against a huge army, they were greatly outnumbered;  in the natural, they didn’t have a chance.  but:

1 Chronicles 14:10-11 (KJV)

10 And David enquired of God, saying, Shall I go up against the Philistines? And wilt thou deliver them into mine hand? And the Lord said unto him, Go up; for I will deliver them into thine hand.

11 So they came up to Baalperazim; and David smote them there. Then David said, God hath broken in upon mine enemies by mine hand like the breaking forth of waters

1 Chronicles 14:11 (NLT)

11 … “God did it!” David exclaimed. “He used me to burst through my enemies like a raging flood!

notice, David likened God’s power to a flood;  he was saying when God shows up, it’s going to be like a flood of favor, strength, good breaks.  think about how powerful water is;  3 or 4 feet of water can pick up a car that weighs thousands of pounds and move it all around.  you’ve seen, during a huge flood, whole houses being swept away.  nothing can stop the force of that water.  in the same way, you may have obstacles that look insurmountable, dreams that look unattainable, but when God releases a flood of His power, nothing will be able to stop you.  that sickness may look big, but when God releases a flood of healing, it doesn’t stand a chance.  your opposition may be stronger, better financed, equipped, but when God opens up the floodgates, they’ll be no match for you.  how about your dreams?  you may not have the connections, know the right people, have the funding, but when God releases a flood of favor, people will come out of the woodwork to help you out.  you won’t have to look for them;  good breaks, opportunity, the right people, will search you out.  get ready, not for a trickle, stream, river, but a flood of God’s favor, a tidal wave of God’s goodness, a tsunami of His increase.  God is going to take you to a level that you’ve never been before.  it’s going to be unprecedented;  you’re going to go further quicker than you ever dreamed of.

Exodus 34:10 (GNT)

10 … I will do great things such as have never been done anywhere on earth among any of the nations. All the people will see what great things I, the Lord, can do, because I am going to do an awesome thing for you.

when God uses the word “awesome,” He’s not talking about a trickle, stream, river, He’s talking about a flood of favor, ideas, healing.  it may not look like it in the natural right now, but remember, you’re under a flash flood warning;  any moment, the heavens could open up, you could meet the right person, any moment, God can do something awesome, something that you’ve never seen before in your life.  the question is, will you let this seed take root?  every voice will tell you why this is not for you, no, God has you here at the right place, right time, because He wants to do something amazing in your life.  you gotta get in agreement, and say, “God, this is for me today, I’m raising my expectations, I’m shaking off doubt, negativity, disappointments, self-pity, little dreams, little goals, God I’m gonna make room for a flood of Your goodness.”  God can do what medicine cannot do;  God made your body, He has you in the palm of His hand.  God has the final say.  He said, “the # of  your days I will fulfill.”  sickness doesn’t determine how long you’re gonna live, God does.  nothing can snatch you out of His hand;  if it’s not your time to go, then you’re not gonna go.  you may be facing a major illness, doesn’t look good in the natural, but you’re under a flash flood warning;  any moment, you could see a flood of healing, God could turn that around.

Isaiah 59:19 (KJV)

19 … When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

several commentaries believe that the comma was misplaced during translation;  they believe the comma should have been placed after the word “in.”  it would read:  “When the enemy shall come in, like a flood the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard.”  the emphasis on the flood is on God’s power, and not the enemy’s.  when the enemy attacks, God reacts;  God doesn’t just sit back and think, “I wonder what’s gonna happen, what they’re gonna do,” no, God goes to work.  you are His most prized possession.

Psalm 34:18 (NIV)

18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
    and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

God knows when you got a bad medical report, you’re struggling in your finances, being mistreated;  you may not see anything happening, but Almighty God not only is aware, but He is at work, He already has the solution.  if you will stay in faith, at the right time He will release a flood of His power, healing, restoration;  He’ll not only bring you out, He’ll bring you out better off than you were before.  we have to keep the right perspective;  it’s easy to focus on how big the problem is,”never gonna get well, get outta debt, this setback, loss of income, unexpected bill is gonna be the end of me.” no, that problem may feel overwhelming, but it is not the flood;  the debt, sickness, opposition is like a trickle, water barely even flowing.  but God’s power, the promotion, healing, breakthrough, restoration, is like a flood, that’s the tidal wave that’s headed toward you, it’s just a matter of time before it shows up.  when it does, it won’t be any contest;  it’s like a drop of water compared to the whole ocean.  all through the day, when you’re tempted to worry, be frustrated, switch over into faith, “Lord, thank You for a flood of Your favor.  God, I know You’ve got me in the palm of Your hand.  Lord, I just wanna thank You in advance that You’re releasing a flood of Your power that will suddenly turn this around.”  that’s what David did:

Psalm 112:4-10 (NLT)

4 When darkness overtakes the godly, light will come bursting in

it’s not going to trickle in, not going to just barely get there, no, like a flood, like the breaking forth of waters, it’s going to come bursting it.  that simply means;  suddenly you’re going to get well, meet the right person, you’re able to pay your house off.  our attitude should be, “my child may be off course, makin’ poor decisions, but I’m expecting a flood of God’s mercy to bring him back.  my house may have been on the market for a year, still hasn’t sold, but I’m expecting a flood of favor to cause it to stand out and sell.  business may be slow, but I’m expecting a flood of new clients, sales, promotion.”  in the midst of that difficulty, don’t get discouraged;  you’re in prime position to see a flood of God’s goodness.  it doesn’t matter who likes you or doesn’t like you, the main thing is, Almighty God likes you, accepted you, approved you, surrounded you with His favor like a shield.  promotion doesn’t come from people, it comes from God;  if you’ll be bold enough to believe, God has tidal waves of blessings, floods of favor in your future.  what God started He will finish.  God wants to release a flood of His power;  not a trickle, stream, river, but a flood of increase, healing, ideas.  some of you are believing too small, you’ve settled where you are, thinking that you’ve reached your limits, you could never overcome that obstacle;  no, you need to get ready, I can see something in your future.  through my eyes of faith I can see a tidal wave coming your way;  it’s not a wave of defeat, bad breaks, more of the same, no, things have shifted;  it’s a wave of increase, favor, healing, it’s God releasing His goodness like a flood, it’s going to help you to overcome that obstacle, cause you to accomplish your dreams.

why don’t you dare to believe?  if you think trickle, you’re gonna receive trickle,  if you think the problem’s too big, it’s gonna keep you defeated.  but if you could just switch over into faith and start thinking flood, then God could show you a flood.  if you’ll think overflow, God can bring you into overflow.  if you’ll dare to think tidal wave, then God can release a tidal wave of His goodness in your life.  don’t have a small-minded mentality, narrow, limited vision. too many people think that they’re bothering God, they shouldn’t expect too much, “God, I’m not expecting to get out of this problem, if you could just help me endure it,” no, you’re thinking trickle when God has a flood.  you’re thinkin’ barely get by when God has abundance.  if you’ll believe bigger, God will act bigger.  step up to the plate and say, “God I know You control the whole universe, yet I’m the apple of Your eye, Your most prized possession.  God, You said You’re longing to be good to me, so Lord I just want to thank You for a flood of Your favor in my life.”  when you release your faith in a big way like that, God doesn’t look down and think, “what are they talking about?  who do they think they are?  they don’t deserve it, the nerve of those people,” no, that brings a smile to God’s face.  He says, “I’m gonna open the windows of heaven, and pour out, not a stream, trickle, river, but a flood of my favor, goodness, mercy.”

Luke 4:18-21 (AMP)

18 The Spirit of the Lord [is] upon Me… 19 To proclaim… [the day when salvation and the free favors of God profusely abound].

notice the word he used to describe God’s favor;  profusely.  that means overwhelming, out of the norm, exceeding;  he was talkin’ about this flood of favor.  I’ve announced today that a flood of God’s power is coming, favor like you’ve never seen before.  instead of being overwhelmed by burdens, you’re going to be overwhelmed by God’s blessings. but the real key is can you receive this into your spirit?  it’s easy to think, “this is not for me, I don’t see anything different happening, I tried before and it didn’t work out, I’ve been through too much”;  that kind of negative thinking will stop the flood.  God works where there’s an attitude of faith;  when you believe, all things are possible.  the enemy cannot stop this flood, he doesn’t have that much power.  other people cannot stop it.  the only one that can stop it is you;  you control your own destiny.  God is for you, the enemy is against you;  you get to cast the deciding vote.  take the limits off of God;  He wants to do something new, amazing, in your life.  the real battle is taking place in our thought life, those thoughts that say, “it’s not gonna happen, you’re too old, you’ve made too many mistakes, you’ll never accomplish your dreams,” no, this is the day that you’re going to see the free favor of God profusely abound.  God has floods of blessings in your future, tidal waves of increase, healing, joy, mercy.  make room for this flood, get in agreement with God.  Paul prayed:

Ephesians 1:18  (AMP)

18 By having the eyes of your heart flooded with light, so that you can know and understand the hope to which He has called you, and how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints (His set-apart ones)

it’s interesting that Paul used that phrase “flooded with light”;  Paul had experienced a portion of this flood, but we’re living in a better day than Paul, this is the day where Paul declared we would see the surpassing greatness of God’s favor.  Paul was sayin’ in effect, “I’ve seen one level of God’s goodness,” but the day we’re in we would see God’s goodness like no generation has seen it before.  you’ve gotta keep God first place in your life, honor God, deal with the issues that He’s bringin’ to light, stay open, be willing to always change, we don’t have to be perfect, we all have flaws and weaknesses, but we should be growing, making progress, improving.  we’ve learned to take the limits off of God, believe big, pray bold prayers, live with this expectancy that God has floods of favor, wisdom, goodness in our future.  my prayer is that the eyes of your understanding would be flooded with light, that you would know how much God loves you, is for you, and what an amazing future He has in store.  my prayer is that faith would fill your hearts, that you would raise your level of expectancy, and that you would see God’s goodness like never before.  you’re under a flash flood warning;  you need to get ready, you’re about to see the favor of God profusely abound in your life.  because you’ve honored God, been faithful and given and served, been good to others, things have shifted in your favor;  suddenly, dreams are going to come to pass, you’re going to see the surpassing greatness of God’s goodness.  get up every mornin’ and say, “Father, thank you for this flood of favor in my life,” then go out expecting it.  if you do that, you’re going to see God’s goodness overwhelm you.  you are comin’ into floods of favor, healing, wisdom, good break, mercy. 2013 is going to be a year of the shift and the flood;  get ready for it, it’s headed your way.

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