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While doing a Google search, I found a site using this image as a background tile:

This is SO me!!This is SO me!!  I’d be thrilled if my first cross looked like this (or any other cross amongst the many I assume I’ll eventually have);  the 2-tone pink will match a Bible I bought recently.  (I know, it’s not “serious”…  but God knows that I’m very girlie in some ways.)

I got a hit from the search term “formerheathenwordpress” today;  it makes me happy to see an increasing # of people making a specific effort to come here.

A couple of days ago, I had the sudden urge to pack away a bottle of overpriced lotion for super-sensitive skin that had been given to me over a year ago that I’d never gotten around to opening and using (my skin is not remotely sensitive, and I like sweet-smelling lotions).  Once I had it in my hand, I realized that the widow of the friend who’d just died is one of those people who gets a rash from dust motes bumping into her, and so I should give the lotion to HER, as I was seeing her the next day for her husband’s wake.  The convenient timing and the generosity of the thought (this stuff is $20 for a smallish bottle!!) tells me that God prompted me, and I’m grateful that he gave me the chance to do a favor this this nice lady.

Earlier in the week, I ran across some notes I’d taken about a concept from an old JO sermon, being a “prisoner of hope”:

Zechariah 9:12 (NIV)

12 Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope;
    even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.

As part of those notes, I’d found a different sermon (by whom I no longer know) that explained this concept.  Here’s a piece of that sermon:

“”In the broadest sense, then, a prison is simply a set of conditions that defines and determines one’s behavior and future expectations. Prison does not take away all freedoms; it simply defines them. To say, then, that you and I as people of God are prisoners of hope is to name the condition within which our behavior and expectations are shaped and operate. ***As prisoners of hope everything we do and everything we expect are determined by hope.***

Hope, in the Bible, is fundamentally different from wish. Hope, in the Bible, is not the longing of the ten-year-old who says, ‘I hope I get a bicycle for Christmas’ or of the forty-year old who says, ‘I hope I win the lottery.’ Hope, in the Bible, is the confident expectation of good, the basis of ultimate confidence, and is always grounded in God. It is summarized in the sentence; ‘My hope is in God.'”

and from my notes on JO’s sermon:

“JO’s next intriguing idea was that being a “prisoner of hope” allows God to repay you double for whatever you lost or lack, and that you have to be careful to not limit God by assuming that you’ll get less, or nothing, because God can make a way for anything to happen, and will do more than you can ask or think if given the chance.”

Cool concept, especially when hope, by the exact definition given above, is the guiding force in my life right now.  Now here’s the kicker:  although I’d NEVER encountered that term in the over SEVEN years since I saw that sermon, I found it while clicking around on JP’s site just a couple of days later!!  In what universe is THAT a coincidence?  Kinda sounds like God is trying to encourage me, right?  His love and kindness know no bounds.

Edit 5-20-13:  I got the cross on Amazon-it came today!!  🙂

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