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PageRank 1!!

Google updated PageRank earlier this month, and somehow this blog, which has ZERO links, is suddenly PageRank 1.  I’m not just guessing about the links, I actually checked, and all that came up is a post I made in the WordPress support forum, which Google doesn’t count, and even if it did you can’t get a Pagerank 1 with 1 link.

And:  my other blog, which has PageRank 3 (and at one time was a PR6, just fyi), gets far FEWER hits from Google than this blog does…  and PR is supposed to dictate where you are in search results and therefore how many Google hits you get.

All I can think of here (other than divine intervention, which believe me I’m not discounting) is that, contrary to what every expert says, links are NOT the sole basis of PageRank.  I appear to be the only person transcribing JO’s sermons, and the bulk of my hits are naturally to those posts, with phrases from the sermons looming large in the search terms;  beyond that, though, it appears that Google has seen me receive enough hits from God-related searches that I’m far higher up in the results for such searches than my newly enhanced PageRank can account for, never mind how I was doing it BEFORE my PR went up.  The enormous length of my average post probably helps, too…  especially since Google sees it as original content, how’s that for irony?

As for divine intervention;  I think that plays a part too, although how much I can’t say, since I’m only guessing about what Google is up to.  Probably God is significantly involved, but there’s no way to be sure.

In any case:  PR1 is awesome news!!  🙂

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