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New miracles

In my post “A chill to show He’s listening, and “angelic” hints” from 10-25, I mentioned the return of a former friend who is in bad shape…  and clearly a prodigal. Today, I sent the following email about her to another friend:

“Into this chaotic time has returned a friend from the past, whose behavior made it necessary to sever contact…  and then she had some failed brain surgeries and many associated medical issues, including significantly affected mental functioning…  interesting coincidence, that last bit, if in fact it is.  She was also very Christian before, but what she has endured caused her to withdraw from God.  And meanwhile, all her alleged friends headed for the hills.  So, she reached out to the one person that she knew could always be counted on;  ME (in part because I saved her life from 2 suicide attempts).  JO says that when you’re in pain God wants you to reach out and help someone else who is in pain.  [This lady] is certainly in pain…  and she’s also a prodigal.  And VERY interested in MY relationship with God.  God has given me a precious gift;  the opportunity to help someone in need, not just by being her friend, but by encouraging her to turn back to Him.  While I was watching a show that I’d only caught by bizarre coincidence (it started at the very weird time of 7:19 and I literally spotted it in the Zap2it TV listings a minute and a half before it began), she sent me a Facebook message asking to text with me.  She told me she was having a rough time, and I was wondering what to tell her to encourage her…  and the following appeared on the TV screen:

Psalm 118:5 (GW)

During times of trouble I called on the Lord.
    The Lord answered me and set me free from all of them.

Exactly what she needs to hear right now. Another amazing “coincidence”…  except I know it’s not.  I am so very blessed.”

Both finding the show (I won’t start watching a show after it’s started) and the Bible quote were pretty miraculous.

And here’s the big one:  I had been waiting for the (substantial) refund from mother’s final tax return since last October;  some scumbag (who they have CAUGHT, no doubt with God’s intervention) submitted a fake return for her, and once they got MY return the whole legal juggernaut got underway…  which takes time.  All through the nightmare, I kept telling God that I had faith that he would get me my $, and without an audit or who knows what they could theoretically have done or be doing when they look at your case long enough. I contacted them, was promised progress, never heard back, contacted them, was told they couldn’t see why I wasn’t being sent the check, and that the issue was being escalated, never heard back, spoke to them…  and finally was told that they couldn’t imagine what had happened, that cases far more recent than mine were being handled, and that I was being escalated to a “consumer advocate,” the highest level of assistance.  And never heard back…  but today the check came!!  But the amount was wrong…  it was too HIGH.  Closer examination revealed that they had paid me $174 of INTEREST!!  Whoever heard of such a thing?!!  It turns out that they might do this if they have an unacceptable delay in processing your check.  They appear to have paid me 5%…  FAR more than I could have gotten from having the $ in a safe place like a bank account or CD.  All of this ended up being to my BENEFIT…  just like JO always says the tough times will!!  God comes through every time!!

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