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Dealing with it


From JO’s sermon tonight:

God is always wanting us to come up to a new level

when God asks us to do something hard, He is never trying to take something from us, He’s trying to give something to us;  whenever He’s moving you away from something, he’s always moving you towards something better.  God has our best interests at heart.  if we’re willing to suffer through being uncomfortable and not getting our way our character is being developed, and as we grow and mature God’s blessings will be released

God doesn’t require us to be perfect, all he asks is that we keep trying

When you have a humble, dependent attitude, asking in faith, God will never let you down.  it may not happen overnight, but God will give you the strength to rise above it.  when you look to the Lord for your help, that’s the kind of people God uses to do amazing things;  not perfect people, but people that are depending on Him, trusting in Him for his strength, His mercy, His power to fulfill their destiny.  God will never ask you to do something and then not give you the power to do it.  if you’ll do what you can, God will do what you can’t;  He won’t do for you what you can do for yourself

with every act of obedience there is a blessing tied to it

God asked Abraham to take his long-awaited son Isaac up the mountain and sacrifice him;  when God asks you to do something that seems hard, and you obey, something amazing will always follow.  God just wanted to see if he would obey when it was extremely difficult…  there was a ram there to be the real sacrifice.  every step you take in obedience the ram is taking another step towards you. when you radically obey, God will radically bless.

you never make a mistake without God giving you plenty of warnings.

if you have a heart to improve God will have incredible mercy on you;  God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, He doesn’t condemn us when we fail; as long as we get up and keep trying God will give us another chance again and again

if you will be willing to do what other people will not do God will show up and help you conquer every single enemy in your life

when you have a big dream you’re going to see God’s favor in amazing ways

shake off mediocrity;  you and God are a majority

Edit 9-3:  This sermon was repeated today, and there were some forgiveness-related comments that are worth adding on:

If you have areas that you struggle in, don’t ignore it, what you don’t confront you cannot conquer, get it out in the open;  God, these people really hurt me, I’m having a problem forgiving them, God I’ve got this resentment in my heart.  there are seasons of grace to break what’s holding you back;  there’s a season of grace to forgive someone that hurt you, when you feel God bringing that to light, you know this is your time, you can come up higher, don’t push it down, don’t ignore it, step into that grace, don’t miss your season, God’s bringing it to light because it’s a window of opportunity to come up higher.  when God asks you to do something that seems difficult, He asks you to forgive somebody that really hurt you, it would take a major effort on your part, a major sacrifice;  you can be assured that a major blessing will follow, there will be a major shift in your life for the better.  don’t let something small keep you from God’s best, like not forgiving someone, that’s small compared to where God wants to take you.

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