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A shopping miracle

(1:25 AM)

I’d had $200 of gift card credit for an over-priced designer’s site since March;  there was so little on the site that I cared for at all, doubly so at those prices, that I just never used it.  Then, they sent me an offer of $50 extra if I spent at least $150 and I figured that was my sign to use the credit.  It took me ages to make up an order of reasonable stuff that used up the whole $250 (there was a free shipping offer also available, which saved another $15)…  and then fine print not present on the offer they sent said that it had to be at least $150 of regular-priced merchandise, and my order was almost all sale stuff so I was out of luck.  I for whatever reason didn’t clear my cart, but I did NOT place the order;  I removed my gift card codes from the cart and just closed the window.

The  next day (today) I had the illogical urge to go back and re-check my cart and be sure that I’d removed the gift cards even though I was certain I had.  When the cart loaded, the prices had totally changed;  they were having a one-night special that gave certain items an apparently random discount.  My re-searching all the relevant departments showed that only a small % had been so altered, but most of MY items had been… and suddenly I was within a couple of dollars of my $200 credit.  Something made me look at the shirts carefully again, and there was a $30 shirt available for *$5*;  swapping that in for the $7 bottle of waterproofing spray I’d just had in there to burn all of the credit I’d previously thought I’d had brought my total to:  $199.33!!!!!!!!!  Even better, the total cost of what I’d ordered at full price would have been *$400*!!!!!!!!  So of course I placed the order.

WHY did I go back to that cart and discover this miraculous price reduction?  Why do you think?  God took something that was to my detriment and turned it into a triumph, as JO always says He will.




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