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God sends help

(2:09 AM)

I’ve been looking for a very specific, unusual kind and pattern of sheets;  I’ve done searches to no avail.  Too trivial for God to help with, do you think?  Yesterday I was on a site I’d never seen before, one with no relation to this search, and there was a sidebar ad showing sheets, in which one sheet in a stack, showing just a sliver of fabric, was…  could it be?…  it WAS!!  It was a Sears ad, and their site had exactly what I was looking for.  Even better, I called the nearest store and they had them in stock, so I was able to get them immediately rather than having to wait for them to be shipped.  WOOHOO!!

I was possibly going to qualify to review some beauty products;  you never know what they’ll send, and even if it’s stuff you don’t like or would never use you have to review it all or never get a chance at  more stuff.  In 5 previous rounds I’d ended up with stuff I had no use for each time.  I hesitated to bother again, but I decided to give it one more shot.  I asked God to have them send me something I could use this time… silly to ask about getting a specific category of free stuff of all things, right?  A box came… with pricey hair care products!!  SCORE!!

God assists with all matters, great and small.  Believe it!!


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