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God makes it all work for me

(4:27 AM)

The shopping miracle that I posted about on 12-20 became even more miraculous today, when the shipment arrived;  one of the items, the least important, was missing from the order…  and an $80 shirt, in the right size and the same color zone as the missing item, was there instead!!  Since the missing item had only used $15 of my credit, this put me ahead another $65!!  :-O

And that’s not even the most amazing thing that happened today!!  Bank of America is legendary for having the absolute worst customer service, and my attempts to handle the account my mother had had there had set a record for gross errors even for them.  Today I finally spoke to a manager;  he spent a couple of hours handling the many problems over multiple calls with me, and, and here’s where the hand of God is undeniably involved…  sent someone to my house to bring me paperwork!!  TWICE!!  Un-frigging-believable…  except that God can easily make people act for your benefit in ways that you could never have imagined.

Whatever you’re going through, have faith.  Talk to God all throughout the day, thanking Him for the many daily blessings He gives you.  When you need a miracle, He’ll be right there beside you making one happen.  Count on it!!

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A shopping miracle

(1:25 AM)

I’d had $200 of gift card credit for an over-priced designer’s site since March;  there was so little on the site that I cared for at all, doubly so at those prices, that I just never used it.  Then, they sent me an offer of $50 extra if I spent at least $150 and I figured that was my sign to use the credit.  It took me ages to make up an order of reasonable stuff that used up the whole $250 (there was a free shipping offer also available, which saved another $15)…  and then fine print not present on the offer they sent said that it had to be at least $150 of regular-priced merchandise, and my order was almost all sale stuff so I was out of luck.  I for whatever reason didn’t clear my cart, but I did NOT place the order;  I removed my gift card codes from the cart and just closed the window.

The  next day (today) I had the illogical urge to go back and re-check my cart and be sure that I’d removed the gift cards even though I was certain I had.  When the cart loaded, the prices had totally changed;  they were having a one-night special that gave certain items an apparently random discount.  My re-searching all the relevant departments showed that only a small % had been so altered, but most of MY items had been… and suddenly I was within a couple of dollars of my $200 credit.  Something made me look at the shirts carefully again, and there was a $30 shirt available for *$5*;  swapping that in for the $7 bottle of waterproofing spray I’d just had in there to burn all of the credit I’d previously thought I’d had brought my total to:  $199.33!!!!!!!!!  Even better, the total cost of what I’d ordered at full price would have been *$400*!!!!!!!!  So of course I placed the order.

WHY did I go back to that cart and discover this miraculous price reduction?  Why do you think?  God took something that was to my detriment and turned it into a triumph, as JO always says He will.




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God sends help

(2:09 AM)

I’ve been looking for a very specific, unusual kind and pattern of sheets;  I’ve done searches to no avail.  Too trivial for God to help with, do you think?  Yesterday I was on a site I’d never seen before, one with no relation to this search, and there was a sidebar ad showing sheets, in which one sheet in a stack, showing just a sliver of fabric, was…  could it be?…  it WAS!!  It was a Sears ad, and their site had exactly what I was looking for.  Even better, I called the nearest store and they had them in stock, so I was able to get them immediately rather than having to wait for them to be shipped.  WOOHOO!!

I was possibly going to qualify to review some beauty products;  you never know what they’ll send, and even if it’s stuff you don’t like or would never use you have to review it all or never get a chance at  more stuff.  In 5 previous rounds I’d ended up with stuff I had no use for each time.  I hesitated to bother again, but I decided to give it one more shot.  I asked God to have them send me something I could use this time… silly to ask about getting a specific category of free stuff of all things, right?  A box came… with pricey hair care products!!  SCORE!!

God assists with all matters, great and small.  Believe it!!


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(1:50 AM)

From JO’s sermon today:

enthusiasm comes from the Greek word entheos, and theos means God, so to be enthusiastic means to be full of God

when you’re passionate God will breathe in your direction

when you’re full of passion you have the favor of God

when you release your passion, your faith allows God to do amazing things

faith says I’ll stay passionate just knowing that God is still on the throne and my future will be greater than my past

don’t let God’s hand of favor become ordinary, we should live in amazement at what God has done

if you don’t get happy where you are you won’t get where you want to be

when you’re good to people and always thanking God for what He’s done, you’re sowing a seed, and He will use that seed to bring something exciting into your life

Ecclesiastes says that whatever you do do it with all your heart and you honor God…  when you give something 100%, do it to the best of your ability, because you’re honoring God you’ll have His blessing, which it means it’ll be easier, it’ll go better, and you’ll accomplish more

(Note:  I just read Ecclesiastes, and found this

Ecclesiastes 9:10

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.

So, the honoring God part must be an interpretation… and likely a correct one, but just fyi.)

God has given us the ability to enjoy what was allotted and appointed for us;  when you’re passionate about who you are, you bring honor to God;  it insults Him if we wish we were someone else

a key to staying passionate is to be productive, stay busy, keep your mind active, keep growing, keep learning.  when you stop producing you start slowly dying

shake off the self-pity and disappointment;  God promised to bring you out better than you were before

as long as your head is down, discouraged, no joy no passion no enthusiasm, God won’t come in;  when you’re hopeful, grateful, passionate, productive, God will make a way

While researching for the above I came upon this unrelated but excellent quote:

Ecclesiastes 5:10

He that loves silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loves abundance, with increase: this is also vanity.

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